Human Discoveries

Human Discoveries

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EP1 And Then They Discovered Fire Jul 16, 2019

With their camp threatened by a murderous tiger, Jane sees a chance for gender equality, while Gary invents - underwear. Also, they discover fire.

EP2 And Then They Got Drunk Jul 16, 2019

For the first time in history, the camp has the morning off from hunting and gathering. The possibilities for human achievement are endless. So they discover alcohol and get hammered.

EP3 And Then They Lost Fire Jul 16, 2019

After a rainstorm soaks the campsite, Jane leads a group, including a woefully unprepared Gary, on a dangerous quest to find dry wood. This leaves Marsh with a captive audience, and a chance to share the greatest story ever told.

EP4 And Then They Defined the Relationship Jul 23, 2019

Gary sets out to define humanity's first relationship, while Minerva tries to arm everyone in the camp with spears.

EP5 And Then They Became Best Friends Jul 30, 2019

After an elk saves his life, Ugg experiments with being a vegetarian. No one cares. Especially Gary and Trog, who are busy defining their relationship.

EP6 And Then They Had Guests Aug 06, 2019

Jane and Gary host the world's first exclusive party. But when a mysterious stranger collapses in their cave, the camp must address what it means to belong.

EP7 And Then They Almost Died Aug 13, 2019

After falling into the comfort of their relationship, a near-death experience makes Jane and Gary wonder if comfort is a good thing. Trog, sees his reflection in the world's first mirror and is not pleased by his appearance.

EP8 And Then They Played a Game Aug 20, 2019

In an effort to find a low-key, relaxing activity, Gary invents the first sport. Which leads the camp to discover competition, anger, divisiveness, and of course, violence.

EP9 And Then They Discovered the Wheel Aug 27, 2019

Upset he's not rewarded for inventing the wheel, Trog sets out to profit from his discovery, accidentally inventing the modern economy. Gary and Jane become poor immediately.

EP10 And Then They Had a Funeral Sep 03, 2019

Gary contracts a fatal rash, forcing him to confront his mortality. As expected, he deals with it maturely, demanding everyone in camp celebrate his legacy at the world's first funeral.
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A group of friends living at the dawn of human civilization are the first to discover necessities like fire and the wheel. We'll watch as they stumble onto humanity's best, and worst, innovations. Art. Alcohol. Fashion. Racism. Small talk. And, much to their confusion, monogamy.

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