John Wick

2014 "Don't set him off."
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Released: 22 October 2014 Released
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Country: United Kingdom
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Ex-hitman John Wick comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him.

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xperiamini If you like this type of actions when every second is action after another and you enjoy realistic one by one fight scenes this is your movie but if you like to see a nice story line , a good plot , great characterization and a good twist and anything meaningful you should ignore it .it was full of cliches and a 10 year old could write this plot . just a mediocre film like most of the action films they make these days. if you want to see a great action movie see oldboy (2003) for example great character building great story line , great acting , suspenseful and realistic fight scenes.or one of the most underrated action films "in-time" that is meaningful has an interesting story line and has a message despite being in action genre . i don't know why people who make action movies think action movie genre is an excuse for putting a lot of action scenes together without attention to plot and characterization
masterblaster1975 Pure action and bloodfest. Ex-Hitman takes revenge. Wick's motive can only be a joke. Instead of a violent death of his wife, his motive is a dead dog. Probably a statement: "Never mind the reason, we wanted pure action." Stoic characters. Little substance, but plenty of style, blood and action.
spideryaman I'm already almost 4 years late to the party, and I'm surely not going to hate on this movie because, by now, people probably know what to expect prior to watching it.I've given it 5 because, come on, it's Keanu. Other than this, the story is typical. You will predict the ending after 10 minutes.It's straight up Rambo up in here; guns blazing shooting everyone on sight. I read somewhere the Wick's body count was 84. This is a lot of people to kill in about 2 hours.I'm going to watch chapter 2 anyway. Be careful not to piss off John Wick or break into his house, he once killed 3 armed men with a pencil!
vnanavati John Wick is a revenge drama which offers little along the lines of a story and and an excess of action. The story which starts off as interesting loses your attention almost as instantly. A retired hitman (or so they call him) single-handedly outmanoeuvres a flock of gangsters, including their boss.Performances: Keanu Reeves as the titular character carries the burden of almost everything that happens in the rather short run of 101 minutes of the movie. Alfie Allen (hey there, Reek!), Adrianne Palicki and Ian McShane are decent in portraying their characters. Michael Nyqvist shines as the baddie boss.Overall verdict: John Wick is another one of those stereotypical action movies, the only difference being that there is way too much action and gravity-defying stunts stuffed into it. While a section of the audience might enjoy this action-packed flick, I'd rather like to watch a movie that is equal on both fronts-the story and the action.