Son of Batman

2014 "Vengeance runs in the blood."
6.7| 1h14m| PG-13| en| More Info
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Batman learns he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son, secretly raised by the terrorist group known as The League of Assassins.

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tamalblack Indeed, it is not good as the comic book but it still good as the other great Batman movie. some people may a concern about some detailing and some super natural facts (like the serum to make one MANBAT and another serum made by the same scientist to reverse the process instantly), but hey! this is a movie so they have a specified time. Unlike comic books they have to show all the story in a single movie. taking that into account the movie was awesome,. It's shows the personal life of batman, where he is a dad. the father son conversation are good, robin character portrait here brilliantly. As the movie is particularly focused on RObin how he adapting the way of "justice not vengeance". The small humerous parts where knightwing catches robin and tell batman. THE LAST FIGHTING BETWEEN DEATHSTROKE AND ROBIN IS THE BEST PART OF THE MOVIE. I think it's a must watch batman movie.
adonis98-743-186503 Son of Batman is based on the comic where Talia leaves Damian to go to Gotham and find his father Bruce Wayne A.k.a Batman but there's one problem his son is pretty messed up and rude. The problem with Damian is always that he's a 50/50 character there are times where he actually acts as a Robin or a hero and others that he's annoying and stupid but even tho he does the same in this it was the first film where they introduced him so i was fine with that but when Justice League v.s Teen Titans came out it actually bugged me a lot. I still liked tho as a movie Damian fights Deathstroke, Ras dies, Batman goes against Man-Bat and Killer Croc and i liked that seeing good villains in an actual good film besides the 6.7 rating.
spectrx Historically I'm a big fan of the DC animated series' and movies. There has been a trend in their movies lately that I haven't liked. This was one of my least favorite DC movies. It's not horrible, but it's incredibly sub-par for a number of reasons: 1) Damien is WAY to tough for any 10-year old kid, no matter how well trained. Plus he was just arrogant and annoying.2) Deathstroke was pathetic in this! First, his voice actor. The guy from Dharma and Greg...seriously?? It was laughable. He was trying to sound all tough and menacing but failed badly. He is supposed to be one of Batman's deadliest enemies, and in fact Batman doesn't often beat him unless he gets lucky or outsmarts him. But in this movie, he's barely a match for a 10 year old kid. Plus, Batman beats him down one time, without even breaking a sweat. Like I said, pathetic.3) There wasn't any of the classic dialogue we've all come to expect from the DC movies. It was all pretty forgettable.I won't probably ever re-watch this and I hope they shake things up a bit in the future and stop trying to be so edgy and hard-core. Go back to the way these movies used to be.
utgard14 Okay adaptation of the Grant Morrison comic book story. Obviously they reworked it and changed some stuff (not for the better, as usual). As with most DCAU movies lately, the animation is unimpressive and the voicework is spotty. I can't stress enough how much I hate Jason O'Mara's Batman. Far too nasally. I miss Kevin Conroy. But the worst is Thomas Gibson as Deathstroke. The opening scene between Deathstroke and Ra's Al Ghul is like something out of a parody of '70s kung-fu movies, complete with over the top voices. Stuart Allan does the best job as Damian. This character is not surprisingly the best part of the movie.As with most of these DVD movies of late, they seem to have abandoned trying to reach an audience outside of the devoted comic book fan. I watched it with someone who knows nothing of Batman outside of the movies and I had to explain quite a bit of stuff that the script didn't bother with. For example, when Nightwing shows up, my friend was lost as to who he was and why he was there. The movie doesn't explain it, just tosses him in with the assumption the entire audience already knows his story and connection to Batman. Very sloppy and lazy but it's par for the course these days with DCAU. Anyway, despite my issues with it and it not being anything close to perfect, it's enjoyable and I was never bored. If you're a hardcore fanboy you'll probably love it. If you've never read the story this was based on, I would suggest you keep Wikipedia handy.