Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

2014 "One Final Night to Save the Day."
6.2| 1h38m| PG| en| More Info
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When the magic powers of The Tablet of Ahkmenrah begin to die out, Larry Daley spans the globe, uniting favorite and new characters while embarking on an epic quest to save the magic before it is gone forever.

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bkoganbing It will be hard to imagine a fourth Night At The Museum film without Robin Williams playing Teddy Roosevelt so I'm betting this film will end the series with a trilogy. Still who knows where Ben Stiller will be going next.In this one Stiller learns that the ancient Egyptian tablet that's causing the exhibits to come to life is running out of juice, it needs exposure to the moonlight every so often for a recharge. The secret is at the British Museum so Stiller and a select crew from the past two stories accompany him and son Skyler Gisondo.Hero of the first Night At The Museum Rami Malek gets to meet the exhibit of his father Ben Kingsley the ancient pharoah who created the tablet. Our crew also has to deal with a rogue Sir Lancelot exhibit who thinks the tablet is the Holy Grail played by Dan Stevens.The good family entertainment standard is kept up in Secret Of The Tomb. Best scene was Stevens with Stiller and the gang chasing him interrupting a revival of Camelot on Drury Lane with Hugh Jackman as Arthur as Stevens makes his report to his liege.I kind of hope there's another one, but who could replace Robin Williams?
ird-90915 in my mind, this movie is awesome. This movie contains magic about of the tomb. It can revive all of the exhibits. And they can walk, talk and some of them love each other. This movie was the most interesting movie i've ever watched. I decided to go to the museum nearly. There are many special scenes and funny moves. It isn't possible in real life but it is really enjoyed. If you didn't watch this movie I advice you to watch this film. Highly recommended.
view_and_review This movie failed to impress me. Maybe because I was tired after hours of driving or just maybe it was that lackluster. I don't think the movie was bad, just not good.Ben Stiller reprises his role as the night watchman and he did it with the same deadpan style that many of his comedic roles dictate. Stiller as the straight man was never that funny to me. My favorite role of his to this day is Derek Zoolander.The movie is still a good choice for kids. The humor is not too adult and some of the characters can even spark an impromptu history lesson. At the very least I got to see Robin Williams in his final role.
Michael O'Keefe The NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM franchise continues as night guard Larry(Ben Stiller)has the assignment of managing the museum's new night exhibit. The grand opening presentation goes amok and causes a frightened audience full of dignitaries to run for their lives. Larry finds himself in the worst trouble of his career, but discovers that an ancient tablet in the Egyptian exhibit needs immediate repair and it requires a hurried trip to a museum in London to correct this problem. Larry at this time is also trying to mend a disagreement with his son Nick(Skyler Gisondo).Larry and Nick will make the trip to England with many of the favorite characters of the museum. Teddy Roosevelt(Robin Williams), Attila(Patrick Gallagher), Octavius(Steve Coogan), Dexter the monkey and others will tromp through the museum to locate the Egyptian exhibit to find the secret to repairing the golden Tablet of Ahkmenrah(Rami Malek). Without the tablet, the museum's characters will not be able to come to life at night; losing the magic of the museum.I found this movie more interesting than the previous "Nights" in spite of Stiller's lumbering throughout. His scenes trying to understand his son were weak and not genuine. The special effects really made up for the simple story line. William's scenes are bittersweet. The movie does liven up to tunes like "Calling London" by The Clash, "Dancing Queen" by Abba and "Shake Your Groove Thing" by Peaches & Herb.Also in the cast: Ricky Gervais, Mizuo Peck, Owen Wilson, Ben Kingsley, Rebel Wilson and Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot. Also small roles for Dick Van Dyke and the late Mickey Rooney.