Zoolander 2

2016 "Long time no Z"
4.7| 1h40m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 06 February 2016 Released
Producted By: Scott Rudin Productions
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: http://www.zoolander.com/

Derek and Hansel are modelling again when an opposing company attempts to take them out from the business.

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Scott Rudin Productions

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AmberStine Only you would put child sacrifice in a movie and release it as a comedy. We see you, and every person who appeared in this movie. The world is waking up. #TheGreatAwakening
Ian (Flash Review)I just didn't really care at all about this while watching it. The only time I was drawn in with interest, aside from a brief smattering of light gags, was the final third when Will Ferrell entered the movie. He breathed a little life into this choppy movie with messy screenplay. Ferrell was not enough to rescue it from its forgettable story littered with poorly done products placements that failed to be funny or woven smoothly into the script. I couldn't get into the plot as I've already forgot it…if I ever really knew it. Aside from Ferrell, the next most amusing part was the stereotypical parody of a hipster. It was a glossy production that needed a second pass on the script and better focus. I still give it credit for taking a fairly unique comedic approach.
yufeii This is horrendous. The entire movie was so messy and atrocious.I didn't even know what exactly they were talking about the whole HOUR I sat there watching, trying my best not to get consumed by anger. I'm glad to see the rating did not go above 5. I legitimately walked out an hour after sitting there and getting my mind tortured by this piece of sh*t.
Michel Den Hartog Its one of those movies, you like it or you hate it. If you like the first one, like I did, there is a reasonable chance you love this one as well. I think the bad rating and reviews for this second one are a related to it wrong timing. The first one was, as many movies are, a product of its time. Back then it was funny to see the fashion world ridicule it self in a most outrages way. So its no surprise this one picks it up where they left off in the first one, and take it one or two steps further, something I loved but it increases the love/ hate factor as well. If this one was made 3 years after the first, it was probably better received. Its a movie that is just entertainment, noting more, if you can put on that filter, you will enjoy it, if you put on any other filter, there is so many things to hate about it. Again there is a convoy of celebrities making cameo's and some of them are very entertaining, seeing Ariana Grande in a SM outfit will raise more then a eyebrow and seeing Justin Bieber blown to smithereens for more then a minute by a hail of bullets, I am still looking for a GIF At the end when ask why Bieber had to die ? Mugatu's answer was epic !