2016 "Sometimes silence is the deadliest sound."
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Two Jesuit priests travel to seventeenth century Japan which has, under the Tokugawa shogunate, banned Catholicism and almost all foreign contact.

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joecoby45 Another terrific film by the God of filmaking himself, Martin Scorsese. Silence is an emotionally shattering, and powerful film about a persecution of faith in a tyrannical japan in the 1600's. The movie is long, but is worth every moment.
galileosmth I saw Silence on TV. To be brief, the movie is about two, young, 17th century Catholic priests venturing to Japan to find a lost priest. Apparently Catholic priests were not held in high esteem in those days in Japan because the two priests had to go into hiding.I almost turned off the movie at about the half hour point. It was slow going. Eventually it became clear that the priests, and other native Christians, must forsake their religion or die of the Buddhists. To show the priests and the other Christians that they meant business, there was a lot of torturing going on.Anyway, enough. If the viewer is a devout Christian, particularly a Catholic, then the film might have some meaning. It might even be inspirational. To the average joe, it will probably come off as kind of strange. In fact, the inspirational parts for some viewers might seem to other viewers like the actions of the foolish. I was in the latter camp.
jorgefk Excellent film, a high contrast mirror of how the majority of humans understand religion, not beyond of a sun and moon believes. High contrast since it is what offers the culture in a middle age Japan, but this works as a mirror for a reflection about the state of the religious believes till our days world wide; it shows that the homo sapiens IQ is not enough to understand the message of Jesus, humans projects all intent of wisdom into their own selfish interest. Well done very deep speaks of Liam Neeson. A complete description of the human pattern in only one masterpiece.
Dominic LeRose Martin Scorsese has never really handled religion in his films despite it being a pivotal aspect of his life. In "Silence" the master filmmaker crafts a nearly three hour time-piece epic that is difficult to sit through because of its slow pace and boring nature. Despite this, Scorsese gets his question across- how far can we go to keep and practice our faith? As an atheist, I found this film very interesting and mentally rewarding. Scorsese gives you a lot to think about even if not making the film as powerful or emotional as I was hoping. Andrew Garfield gives a terrific performance that Scorsese guides beautifully. While the characters aren't as interesting or investing to get through, "Silence" is a solid film from one of cinema's best talents.