No Country for Old Men

2007 "There are no clean getaways."
8.2| 2h2m| R| en| Drama, Thriller

Llewelyn Moss stumbles upon dead bodies, $2 million and a hoard of heroin in a Texas desert, but methodical killer Anton Chigurh comes looking for it, with local sheriff Ed Tom Bell hot on his trail. The roles of prey and predator blur as the violent pursuit of money and justice collide.

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  • No Country for Old Men Cast
Josh Brolin as Llewelyn Moss
Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh
Tommy Lee Jones as Ed Tom Bell
Kelly Macdonald as Carla Jean Moss
Woody Harrelson as Carson Wells
Garret Dillahunt as Wendell
Tess Harper as Loretta Bell
Barry Corbin as Ellis
Stephen Root as Man who hires Wells