Shock and Awe

2018 "The truth matters!"
Shock and Awe
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Released: 13 July 2018 Released
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A group of journalists covering George Bush's planned invasion of Iraq in 2003 are skeptical of the presidents claim that Saddam Hussein has "weapons of mass destruction."

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danew13 The film of the expose of an impending fraud surrounding the run up to the Iraq War by the Knight Ridder News Service is itself as expose of how ignorant people were kept at the time. And the fact no one in the GW Bush Admin carried the can for the war and no impeachment took place does not bode well for our political system, Rob Reiner's film accuratelly tell a story that few at the time wanted to know and many wanted to forget after the bloody mess was over.It is a warning to America for the future.
travism-44784 Oh my lord this movie is awful. Reiner just doesn't get directing. Just a bunch of made up propaganda that is unwatchable and portrayed on screen by bad actors. We know the story but it doesn't need to be brought to the big screen by boring half effort actors.
timdinchhammonds As you would expect with such a stellar cast, fine performances all round. I think the message of this film is even more pertinent today. It is beholden on us all, to look with a critical eye, at what those in power are saying; is it true, where is the evidence? If each of us can take some measure of skepticism, as shown by the journalists portrayed here, our society will be all the better for it. This film does truly crystalise, the criminal actions of the leaders of the time and the abject failure of the leading media organisations, whose primary function, is to hold those very same, to account.
jayceemitchjr I had high hopes for this one. But this turned out to be just another case of directorial activism. Skip this one.