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EP1 No Way, Stowaways Sep 06, 1975

Weirdbeard has Tom and Jerry as stowaways on his pirate ship. When he finds them, he orders them to walk the plank. But since he has no real crew, he changes his mind, and makes Tom and Jerry compete for the job of cabin boy. Because whoever doesn't get the job has to walk the plank.

EP2 The Ski Bunny Sep 06, 1975

A ski bunny that Tom is completely infatuated with, and a rough, mean bulldog make Tom and Jerry's stay at the Alps an exciting one.

EP3 Stay Awake Or Else Sep 06, 1975

Tom is working at the circus, and they really overwork him. He is so tired that he keeps falling asleep on the job. The owner says to him that if he falls asleep one more time, he's fired. Tom can't keep himself awake, so it's Jerry to the rescue to help keep his pal's eyes open.

EP4 No Bones About It Sep 13, 1975

For their new job, Tom and Jerry are on a quest to find a missing toe bone from one of the most expensive dinosaurs in their museum. They find a bulldog with the same-looking bone they're looking for, and they try to lure the dog in to snatch the bone away from him as fast as they can.

EP5 An Ill Wind Sep 13, 1975

A dehydrated man asks for some sort of drink from Tom and Jerry. After quenching his thirst, the man gives them a map that leads to treasure. The only problem is that a pirate named Black Barby is after it to, which makes instant problems for the duo.

EP6 Beach Bully Sep 13, 1975

A relaxing day at the beach has turned otherwise, when a muscular, self-obsessed cat arrives ruining Tom and Jerry's enjoyment. The cat makes fun of, and treats the two like dirt, until their good friend, Spike comes along to save the day.

EP7 Mammoth Manhunt Sep 20, 1975

After hearing from the TV, Tom and Jerry set out on, yet, another quest. This time they're searching for the last wooly mammoth on the face of the earth. If they capture and seize the mammoth, they will collect a great reward.. but what they think is going to be easy, turns out to be very hard.

EP8 The Wacky World of Sports Sep 20, 1975

Tom is used as a very competitive sports player. He is up against Jerry in, basically, all of the Olympic sports. A lot of the rules don't apply to Tom and Jerry, as they fight their way to the top to get the gold!

EP9 Robin Ho Ho Sep 20, 1975

Much like one of the original 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons, this episode shows Tom and Jerry alongside of Robin Hood. Together, they fight the bad guys, steal from the rich/give to the needy, and of course get the damsel in distress.

EP10 Safe But Not Sorry Sep 27, 1975

Tom and Jerry's new job is to deliver a safe to a house on a steep hill. This episode is much like one of the 'Laurel and Hardy' episodes. They try the best they can, using all their strength, to push the safe all the way up the hill, without it managing to slip from their fingers and roll back down. Unfortunately for them that's what happens.

EP11 Gopher Broke Sep 27, 1975

Their new finished garden that they worked their hardest on is terrorized by a pesky gopher that keeps coming out of his hole to bother them. Together, Tom and Jerry try to keep the gopher away from the garden, and make him go back in his hole.

EP12 The Super Bowler Sep 27, 1975

In a bowling tournament, Tom and Jerry compete against each other to get the gold trophy. Knowing that Jerry is a better bowler; Tom designs an electronic bowling ball. When Tom whistles, the bowling ball moves and does a strike. But problems come up when Tom accidentally swallows his whistle!

EP13 Tricky McTrout Oct 04, 1975

Fishing doesn't come easy in Tom and Jerry's case after sitting out in a boat all day, not catching one single fish. But after Jerry snags one, the rest of the fish in the entire lake follow!

EP14 The Tennis Menace Oct 04, 1975

Tom and Jerry compete in a tennis tournament. Once Tom sees he's losing, Tom tries a ton of tricks on Jerry to make him lose. Once he sees he's unsuccessful, Jerry turns the tables on him by hitting tons of balls on Tom's side of the court, making Tom scatter all over the court.

EP15 Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse Oct 04, 1975

Spike says to Tom and Jerry that he wants complete silence in the house so he can sleep, so that means they can't watch their absolute favorite show, Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse. They decide to dress up in costume, and act like they favorite heroes. What they don't know is that their heroes are coming to their house to see them!

EP16 Castle Wiz Oct 11, 1975

In order to win $20, Tom and Jerry have to stay at a very spooky castle that people say is haunted with ghosts. Tom and Jerry need the money, so they go and stay at the castle, with some fear of the rumors. After staying there for a while, Tom and Jerry see a pink ghost that scares the living crap out them. The ghost chases Tom and Jerry all throughout the house, as the two try to hide, and hope that the ghost disappears.

EP17 Grim And Bear it Oct 11, 1975

After being assigned as park rangers, Tom and Jerry have to make sure that no harm comes to a bear cub and its mother. Also, they have to make sure not to set it off, or there will be hell to pay. Tom and Jerry to keep a close eye on the cubs, as well, because they are very devious. Once Tom and Jerry turn their back for one second, the cubs go in a motor home full of people that causes lots of mayhem.

EP18 The Flying Sorceress Oct 11, 1975

An old, bitter witch asks Tom and Jerry to be the mascots of her own private jet airline. What they don't know is that she's a witch, and that Tom and Jerry are in a lot of danger, when they're up in the sky on the jet.. alone with the witch.

EP19 The Kitten Sisters Oct 18, 1975

Kitten sitting doesn't come all that easy, once Tom and Jerry find out they are adored by them. Tom and Jerry have to make sure that Spike doesn't see them. If he does, who knows WHAT he'll do to them!

EP20 Termites Plus Two Oct 18, 1975

What began as a minor inconvenience turns into a gigantic problem, when Tom and Jerry's house becomes infested with termites! Not only can't they get them out of their house, the termites turn out to be a very wise-talking, rough motorcycle gang that turn Tom and Jerry's house into a prison.

EP21 Planet Pest Oct 18, 1975

After being sent to Earth, a very troublesome alien causes mischief for Tom, Jerry, and Spike. The laughs start when the alien can change form by anything it touches. Tom, Jerry, and Spike have to figure out who's real, and who's not, then send the alien back to where it belongs -- NOT HERE!

EP22 The Hypochondriac Lion Oct 25, 1975

Tom and Jerry are veterinarians in this episode. After a popular lion at the zoo gets a splinter in his paw, it's up to the new doctors to fix the problem before it worsens. The lion is afraid of the tweezers that Tom and Jerry are going to use to get the splinter out. He's afraid of everything else they use, and that's when they find out that he's not exactly the bravest one in his family. This is a patient that Tom and Jerry will have some trouble curing.

EP23 Give 'Em The Air Oct 25, 1975

In another sports episode, Tom and Jerry compete against the Purple Baron in the cross-country air race. To make sure he wins, the Purple Baron uses tricks and gadgetry to make Tom and Jerry fall behind and eventually lose the race.

EP24 The Egg And Tom And Jerry Oct 25, 1975

Confusion begins as a baby hawk falls out of a tree, falling in Tom and Jerry's arms. The baby hawk thinks that Tom is its mother, and Tom comforts the hawk like the care of a mother. The mother hawk returns to its nest, and she doesn't see her baby. Jerry is mistaken for the hawk's baby, and she treats him like her own. Tom and Jerry have to think of a way to tell the two hawks that they're not who the hawks say they are.

EP25 Watch Out, Watch Dog Nov 01, 1975

Spike is hired to watch a department store overnight, being the great watchdog he is praised as. Snooping Tom and Jerry come to make Spike's new job hard, as he chases them all around the mall, trying to get them to leave.

EP26 The Super Cyclists Nov 01, 1975

Tom and Jerry compete in a motorcycle race that is full of pranks and tricks. The race seems to be going well, until it take a turn for the worst when they get closer to the finish line.

EP27 The Police Kitten Nov 01, 1975

Policemen are Tom and Jerry's new job. They respect the law, and sustain it as they chase the bad guys. Everything is fine, until a very plain police kitten joins the duo in their crime-fighting adventures.

EP28 The Outfoxed Fox Nov 08, 1975

In order to get free food and shelter, a devious fox makes out like he's a hypochondriac to Tom and Jerry. After the fox tricks the two in giving him whatever he wants, Tom and Jerry start to suspect that he's putting on an act.. and they, of course, have to get him back.

EP29 Towering Fiasco Nov 08, 1975

Stuck with walking a dog, Tom and Jerry try to not make him mad, and they distance themselves from him. Despite their efforts to make nice with the dog, he decides to make Tom and Jerry's stay with him very hectic.

EP30 The Lost Duckling Nov 08, 1975

It's migration season, and a cute little duck runs into Tom and Jerry. The duck seems to be much slower than the rest of his flock, so Tom and Jerry want to help it out, before the rest of the ducks leave without him.

EP31 Beanstalk Buddies Nov 15, 1975

Tom and Jerry become poor. With no food, drink, and anything else they need, a beanstalk appears and lifts the house to the heavens. There, a castle resides, and in it is a mean giant, with his food, riches, and his dog. The dog is sick and tired of living with the giant, and his mean and petty comments about him. So, he decides to recruit Tom and Jerry to help rid of the giant, and bring peace and harmony to the castle.

EP32 Two Stars Are Born Nov 15, 1975

A new movie is being made called 'Catman'. Tom and Jerry decide to watch the movie in making. The two are mistakenly hired as stuntmen, which puts both of them in grave danger.

EP33 Son of Gopher Broke Nov 15, 1975

The pesky gopher is back to put more damage in Tom and Jerry's garden. Noticing that the gopher doesn't give up easily, Tom and Jerry apply for jobs as groundskeeper. Together they use all the tools and machines they can get their hands on to get rid of that annoying gopher once and for all.

EP34 The Sorcerer's Apprentice's Nov 22, 1975

A sorcerer recruits Tom and Jerry as his new apprentices. They have fun for a while, using the magic that has been given to them. But the fun stops when a past apprentice of the sorcerer comes back, and is jealous that the sorcerer replaced him. He uses his old magic to try and get rid of his replacements, while Tom and Jerry try to fight back. Since Tom and Jerry are new at this, it's not going to be easy to return the favor.

EP35 Hold That Pose Nov 22, 1975

Tom and Jerry's new job are safari photographers. They go all across the jungle photographing animals, both rare and common. Their assigned to find, and take a picture of a very rare bird. After looking and looking, the two finally find it, and sneak up on it very quietly, in order to take its picture. They succeed and go back to their workplace to show everyone else, but they get a big surprise when they get back.

EP36 The Supercape Caper Nov 22, 1975

Three evil criminals are out to harm a city full of innocent people. The Supercape Caper can't do anything to stop them, because he's afraid. Tom and Jerry are fans of the Supercape Caper, and together they help to put the courage back into the Supercape Caper, before the criminals can terrorize again. But it's not easy to change someone that fast, so they take desperate measures.

EP37 Chickenrella Nov 27, 1975

After reading the classic story, Tom and Jerry fall asleep and dream that they take part in it as the pets of the wicked witches and Cinderella.

EP38 Double Trouble Crow Nov 27, 1975

Tom and Jerry are farmers for their new job. Everything goes smoothly after they plant their vegetables, and harvest them, until a crow comes and eats some of the vegetables. Tom and Jerry get rid of the bird in a hurry, but as time passes by, it comes back again for another meal. This happens again and again, until Tom and Jerry figure out that the crow has a family of cousins that look exactly the same.

EP39 Jerry's Nephew Nov 27, 1975

We meet Jerry's nephew, who gets into a lot of trouble upon arrival. He mixes in with the wrong crowd, breaks a lot of things, and does even more stuff that causes mischief. Tom and Jerry have to either stop the nephew from doing all this, or he's on his way back home!

EP40 See Dr. Jackal and Hyde! Nov 29, 1975

Tom and Jerry are the hired help of Dr. Jackal, which follows the Robert Stevenson story quite well. They do crazy experiments that involves changing dogs into cats, and eventually an experiment gone wrong when Dr. Jackal turns into Mr. Hyde.

EP41 Planet of the Dogs Nov 29, 1975

Spike chases Tom and Jerry right into a rocket that's about to take off. They all end up in space together, and board a planet that's inhabited by dogs. The dogs tell them that cat and mice used to live with them, but we're sent to Earth, because the dogs were the sworn enemy this creates even more trouble for Tom, Jerry, and Spike.

EP42 The Campout Cutup Nov 29, 1975

A peaceful and relaxing campout turns into crazy havoc when a mosquito keeps bothering Tom and Jerry. Tom uses anything he can find to hit the mosquito with, but it blocks all of his attempted shots. Angered by almost getting squashed, the mosquito calls the rest of his troops, and together they all attack Tom and Jerry.

EP43 Triple Trouble Dec 06, 1975

Tom and Jerry start to chop down a tree to use to make a cabin, when a squirrel intervenes and stops them from chopping it down. After continuously trying to stop from cutting it down, Tom grabs the squirrel, which makes the squirrel beg to not cut it down. He convinces Tom and Jerry to not do it, but just when they decide that, Spike and another dog come in to chop it down with their bulldozer.

EP44 The Bull Fighters Dec 06, 1975

A bull is saved by Tom and Jerry from falling off a pier in Spain. With gratitude, the bull gives the two tickets to a bullfight. The bullfight gets out of hand in an instant, and it's up to Tom and Jerry to save the day once again, before someone gets hurt.

EP45 Cruise Kitty Dec 06, 1975

Spike is now head of security that's on a ship headed to Hawaii. The captain of the ship gives Spike a whistle to blow, in case of anything suspicious or any intruders get on board. Just by coincidence, Tom and Jerry happen to be on board yet they're not supposed to be. They go all over the ship, into each and every room, and Spike sees them. He whistles and the captain shows up, but no one is found on the ship, relating to Tom and Jerry.

EP46 Its No Picnic Dec 13, 1975

Disaster occurs at an insect laboratory when an ant gets a hold of a growing serum. The ant breaks out of the lab and goes on an eating rampage. It runs into Tom and Jerry who are having a pleasant picnic. After panicking they calm down and think of numerous ways to get the ant back to its original size before the ant causes anymore damage to the town.

EP47 Big Feet Dec 13, 1975

The head park ranger assigns Tom and Jerry to capture Big Feet. They later find out that Big Feet is actually a very sensitive and harmless creature that doesn't want to cause any harm to a single soul. It turns out that Big Feet has actual goals and dreams that he wants to fulfill, like to be a park ranger. So to satisfy his wishes, Tom and Jerry give Big Feet what he asks for.

EP48 The Great Motorboat Race Dec 13, 1975

In the last short episode of the series, Tom and Jerry are this time together as a team that competes in a motorboat race. They challenge a man with an 18.000 horsepower boat, and others that have bigger boats then the duo. But they use that to their advantage, and after an exciting race, they cross the finish line first, winning the gold cup. The series ends on a high note.
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The New Tom & Jerry Show is an animated television series produced for Saturday mornings by Hanna-Barbera Productions in association with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Television in 1975 for ABC based on the theatrical shorts and characters Tom and Jerry.

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TheLittleSongbird Having heard people calling it an abomination, I was hesitant. But when I watched The New Tom and Jerry Show it was better than I expected. It is not as good as the classic MGM cartoons, but it is much better than the Gene Dietch cartoons(now there's the meaning of abomination), and I prefer this show over Tom and Jerry Tales and Tom and Jerry Kids. I admit I did miss the violence and chases, which at its best were amusing and lively while never feeling sadistic. However, this is a beautifully drawn show and the theme tune is wonderful as is the background music. The stories are sweet and funny, and Tom and Jerry, whether they are friends or against one another are still likable. All in all, I think while inferior this show is more than decent. 8/10 Bethany Cox
Aaron Handy III Regardless of how many negative posts, criticisms, rants and insults of it that come out of the woodwork, Hanna-Barbera's 1975 version of Tom & Jerry shall always hold dear to me! To each his own... I've been a fan of it ever since 1979, when they first aired locally in my hometown, N'Awlins, every Monday-Friday afternoon @ 3:30 on ABC (now Fox) affiliate WVUE-TV Channel 8, on The Tom & Jerry Hour. It was a mixed bag of T&J cartoons, theatrical (1940 to 1967) and TV (1975 to 1977). This was how I first learned of these made-for-TV T&Js from H-B. The theatricals were great, but I (being a child of the 1970s and a connoisseur of Hanna-Barbera's mid-to-late 1970s work) somehow grew more attached to the 1970s version. Sometimes WVUE aired the main title sequence from The Tom & Jerry Show separately from the 48 7-minute T&J stories, sometimes they aired the end credits.I later read in Stuart Fischer's book Kids' TV: The First 25 Years that they originally aired in 1975 on The (New) Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show. I remember thinking, "Ah! So that's where they came from!" This is also how I learned of The New T&J's originally pairing with The Great Grape Ape, which I only discovered via repeats on ABC Sunday Mornings! (Yep, I missed out on the original run on ABC, and I had just come into it.)I decided that the 1970s T&J was my sole favorite, and faithfully followed its exploits from its first local airing on WVUE to its re-airing in the 1980s on WNOL-TV Channel 38 (now a WB affiliate) and Superstation WTBS, which, on Tom & Jerry And Friends, showed 7-minute 1975 T&J cartoons framed in-between main and end title sequences! I also realize that a huge number of serious animation fans have and continue to liken New Tom & Jerry to New Coke, calling it a cheap imitation of the originals, and thus giving them a bad rep over the years. I don't think it's all the 1975 version of T&J so much; I think a great many 'toon fans have prided themselves on being hooked on the originals and declaring any version out of that scope as inferior.Hence my web presence, The New Tom & Jerry Info Site @ , which I launched in March 1997, to show all and sundry that there was someone out there who took interest in them and, to a degree at least, put an end to all the bad press they've been getting. Until January 2004 (so far), Boomerang from Catoon Network has done the 1975 T&J's justice by showing them periodically on Boomerang Saturdays (1976, 1977 and 1978). They neglected to show them in April 2004 during the weekly Friday T&J marathons; they seem to be limited to the 1940-67 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatricals, Filmation's 1980-82 version (The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show) and that 1990-93 Fox revival Tom & Jerry Kids (that gray stripe between Tom's eyes was not his best feature, IMHO!). But CN more than made up for this with the addition of the 1975 T&Js to their rotation in May 2005.Like I said, to each his own. Everyone here has his/her favorite version of Tom & Jerry; mine is and shall forever remain H-B's "black sheep" 1975 made-for-TV version. Just because a Tom & Jerry cartoon, be it old or new, is nonviolent does not mean it cannot be watched and enjoyed. (I mean, check out the sports-themed New T&Js! And Spike! And Hoyt Curtin's jazzy underscore!) So, if you will, sing along!!!Set your dial for a while! Have a laugh, wear a smile! It's The Tom & Jerry Show! You'll begin with a grin When you first tune us in On The Tom & Jerry Show! Introducing that world-famous cat...Tom! And that magnificent mouse...Jerry! (instrumental solo) Lots of zing, lots to sing! Everything's gonna swing! So, get ready - here we go! Big or small, short or tall, You will all have a ball On The Tom & Jerry Show! (SPOILER!) I was just remembering a Tom and Jerry episode where the duo are engaged in an airplane race. The episode is very like an old TOM SLICK episode and like Tom, the duo are racing up against an evil Austrian baron with a devious plan to win the race by cheating. One of my favorite scenes from this episode is where the Baron climbs up on their tail only to be greeted by an annoyed Tom. I was just wondering, could this story be based on an unused TOM SLICK script or been written by the same writers? Even the ending is similar - where Tom and Jerry cross the finish line first and are declared the winners - and so are the Baron's antics, including using dynamite and other means to knock the other contestants out of the race.
Kneumsi Okay, so some of the edge of Tom & Jerry playing literal Cat and Mouse games has been lost, but that's not altogether that bad a thing! Most of the old Tom and Jerry cartoons were hilarious, but let's not forget the instances when Tom was blown up or beaten with mallets by white mice or even other cats!As a child I loved both incarnations of the duo, but somehow this later version was more likeable with Tom and Jerry as best friends. This was handled in such a way that the characters' mannerisms were still intact and recognisable, but the one-gag stories of "I'm gonna get you because you're a mouse and I'm a cat, and that's the way it is!" were eliminated, along with much of the violence! Luckily it was handled so well, that this series opened the door to some really funny adventures with wacky sports episodes ("What a disastah!"), and the rescue of dying, but still witty desert drifters ("Please give me a drink! Anything! Oh, Cherry Lime? I'm not so crazy about Cherry Lime! You got Grape?")All in all this is a better series and definitely not a kinder-gentler sellout! Spike's still there! The action's still there, but you can let your kids watch without worrying about them spanking your cat with a hammer when you're not looking! In short, a Tom & Jerry without the Itchy and Scratchy in them!