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Released: 01 April 2016 Ended
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Being a pro athlete didn't pan out for Colt. Now he's helping his dad and brother keep the ranch afloat, and figuring out how he fits into the family.

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rayledee Gets better and better. A show that will stand the test of time. just wish they would bring back Rooster.
xhidden99 I like it and you should too. But by the time you get to the 2018 season wow does it drag on and on and on and on. It stopped being funny. It stopped being a sitcom. You really want the episodes to be over.
Jake Phillips I don't understand what is going on with this show. It started so good out of the gates, I couldn't stop watching it. Parts 1-3 were so funny and entertaining, the perfect balance of comedy, drama, and excitement. I noticed the show start going downhill midway through Part 4 around the time of the Danny Masterson allegations and Part 5 is almost unwatchable. During this time, the show has transitioned into a full-on DRAMA with a laugh track (which I surprisingly wouldn't mind if the show was funny). One of the more annoying aspects of this show now is the background music. I know it was there in the first few parts, it just wasn't noticeable. It seems as if the volume has been turned up and it is really distracting. Another aspect that has been going downhill is the interaction between the characters. Nothing flows right anymore and the conversations have become downright awkward. This whole thing with Beau being the ultimate hardass has become a tired act. So he has a heart-attack and becomes this super nice and chill guy, then one dramatic event occurs and he is back and worse than ever. Like downright hateful. Really awkward to watch him continue to berate Colt in Part 5. Onto Maggie. Someone please explain to me why she has such a prominent role in this series still? She is divorced from Beau, stop going over to his house all the time. Her character adds no value to this show, her conversations are boring, drawn out, and senseless. Get her off the show already. Colt and Abby is another duo that just does not work anymore. Conversations are long and drawn out and add no value to the show. Just creates the drama aspect. The only character still worth a damn is Rooster and he is as good as gone after this part. I really enjoyed the firs few parts of this show. I am really having a hard time grinding through Part 5. Too much drama, not enough fun. It's like a soap opera now. And Colt's character has become everything that is wrong with this show, unfortunately. If Part 6 continues on down this path, I probably will need to remove this show from my list.
d-x-3 I loved it, we need to see more series like this. Simple with comedian