The New Pope

The New Pope

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EP1 Episode 1 Jan 10, 2020

With Pope Pius XIII in a coma, Cardinal Voiello makes an unpredictable move during the deadlocked papal conclave.

EP2 Episode 2 Jan 10, 2020

Voiello, Guiterrez, Assente, Aguirre and Sofia make a trip to the UK to appeal to the alluring but fragile Sir John Brannox.

EP3 Episode 3 Jan 17, 2020

As Sir John leaves for the Vatican, everything appears to be going to plan. But the secretary of state could never have predicted Cardinal Spalletta's next move.

EP4 Episode 4 Jan 17, 2020

John Paul III travels to Venice to visit Pius XIII. Meanwhile, a tragedy in Lourdes calls for the presence of the new Pope.

EP5 Episode 5 Jan 24, 2020

John Paul III meets Sharon Stone, who gives him new ideas. Meanwhile, the connection between the Pope and Sofia deepens.

EP6 Episode 6 Jan 24, 2020

Priest Leopold Essence tips off Sofia Dubois to her husband's dark secrets which leads her to a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Pope John Paul III speaks with Cardinal Spalletta about a financial scandal that could crush the Vatican.

EP7 Episode 7 Jan 31, 2020

Lenny wakes up and seeks to help a wounded family, while a new threat to the Church draws closer.

EP8 Episode 8 Jan 31, 2020

Having uncovered John Paul III's secrets, Voiello begins his plan to regain power. Meanwhile, Lenny Belardo secretly returns to the Vatican.

EP9 Episode 9 Feb 07, 2020

Pius XIII and John Paul III are forced to confront one another, as terrorists take a priest and six students hostage in Ventotene.
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As Pope Pius XIII hangs between life and death in a coma, charming and sophisticated moderate English aristocrat Sir John Brannox is placed on the papal throne and adopts the name John Paul III. A sequel series to “The Young Pope.”

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