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EP1 Janelle Monáe’s Hidden Struggles Apr 20, 2022

Trailblazing global superstar Janelle Monáe joins the Red Table and shares her inspiring message for anyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t fit in or can’t be themselves.

EP2 Kim Basinger + Ireland Baldwin: Living with Anxiety, Panic Attacks + Phobias Apr 25, 2022

Oscar winner Kim Basinger and her daughter Ireland Baldwin join the Table for their first ever interview together. They open up about their crippling anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and mental health issues that impact millions.

EP3 The Story Behind Miss USA Cheslie Kryst's Suicide: Her Mother Speaks Out for the First Time May 04, 2022

The heartbroken mom and stepdad of Miss USA Cheslie Kryst join the Red Table for their first interview after their daughter tragically died by suicide earlier this year.

EP4 Tinder Swindler and Anna Delvey Victims: What You Haven’t Heard May 11, 2022

“Tinder Swindler” victim Ayleen Charlotte speaks out for the first time since the record-breaking documentary, revealing shocking new details about the notorious conman and how she was swindled out of her life savings.

EP5 Fentanyl: An Urgent Warning for All May 18, 2022

For the first time, actor Michael K. Williams’ nephew speaks out about losing his beloved uncle to fentanyl. Comic Kate Quigley reveals how she was the lone survivor of a fentanyl poisoning that killed three of her friends including comedian Fuquan Johnson. The grief-stricken parents of a 15-year-old girl share the tragic tale of their daughter who died after taking a counterfeit Percocet.

EP6 How Mothers Can Damage Their Daughters: Could This Be You? May 25, 2022

Did you know there are THREE CRITICAL NEEDS every daughter requires from her mother? If they aren’t met, the effects can be devastating.

EP7 Alopecia: The Devastating Impact Jun 01, 2022

The mother of 12-year-old Rio Allred, who suffered from Alopecia and took her own life after being relentlessly mocked and bullied, opens up about her daughter’s heart-crushing death. A woman who worked in the hair industry for more than a decade reveals her emotional Alopecia journey and why it’s more than “just hair.” A top hair surgeon breaks down the different types of Alopecia. A former NBA player speaks out about his hidden pain.

EP8 Queen Latifah is on a Mission! Jun 08, 2022

Superstar Queen Latifah joins the Table to reveal a personal struggle that’s taken her a long time to understand and shares her important new mission. It’s a side of Queen you’ve never seen! Plus, she offers her one-of-a-kind wisdom to a special group of fans.

EP9 Extreme Violence: Inside the Minds of People Who Hate Jun 16, 2022

With one hate crime committed every hour and multiple mass shootings happening every day in the US, Red Table Talk gathers a special group of leading voices to reveal the roots of hatred and extreme violence.

EP10 How Not to Be Scammed Jun 22, 2022

Right now, someone is trying to steal your money, your identity, your passwords. Red Table Talk is sharing critical information to protect yourself, your family and your money.

EP11 How Jennette McCurdy Survived Her Mom’s Abuse Sep 07, 2022

After years of suffering in silence, iCarly star Jennette McCurdy bravely opens up in her first in-depth interview about the decades of torment, exploitation, and manipulation inflicted by her very own mother.

EP12 Parental Alienation: When Your Child is Turned Against You Sep 14, 2022

Music legend Teddy Riley’s Instagram post revealing he has not seen his son in three years was seen by millions. Now for the first time, he’s at the Table sharing the heartbreaking ordeal that he and more than 22 million other families are experiencing.

EP13 What is Gaslighting? Could It Be Happening to You? Sep 21, 2022

You may be a victim of gaslighting and not even know it! We’ve all heard the term, now Red Table Talk brings you the essential guide to gaslighting. "The Crown" actress Rebecca Humphries reveals the devastating damage caused by years of being gaslighted and how her boyfriend’s very public affair was the wakeup call she didn’t realize she needed. Then, psychologist Dr. Ramani breaks down everything you need to know to become gaslight-proof.

EP14 "I Was Stuck in a Horrifying Nightmare” - Hayden Panettiere’s Untold Story Sep 28, 2022

"Heroes" actress Hayden Panettiere bravely opens up about years of alcohol abuse, crippling postpartum depression, and, for the first time, reveals her truth about giving up custody of her only child. Special guest host and first time mom-to-be Kelly Osbourne joins the Table with a life-changing update about her addiction recovery and pregnancy journey.

EP15 “The World Hated Me” - Constance Wu Back from the Brink Oct 05, 2022

“Crazy Rich Asians” star Constance Wu vanished from the spotlight three years ago. Now, she’s at the Red Table for an emotional conversation about the unrelenting backlash from ‘careless tweets’ that nearly cost her her career… and her life.

EP16 How the Police Killed Breonna Taylor: The Only Witness Speaks Out Oct 12, 2022

The only witness to Breonna Taylor’s death at the hands of police reveals what really happened that tragic night. Her boyfriend Kenny Walker takes us through a minute-by-minute account using body camera footage obtained from police.

EP17 Are You a Toxic Forgiver? Oct 19, 2022

Sheree Zampino, Will's former wife, joins the table for a revealing and raw conversation about her relationship with Jada.

EP18 "I Saw My Mother Falling Apart" - Journalist Jemele Hill + Her Mom's First Interview Together Oct 26, 2022

Sports journalist Jemele Hill and her mother Denise sit down for their first interview together and reveal the pain passed down in their family after Denise was abused, raped and relied on drugs to cope with severe PTSD. In a raw emotional conversation, Jada and Gammy open up about their own traumas and how the adversity Jada and Jemele experienced throughout their childhoods shaped the incredible women they’ve become. It’s an inspiring and eye-opening discussion!

EP19 "I Didn’t Know What A Healthy Relationship Was” - Cheryl Burke on Breaking Her Trauma Bonds Nov 02, 2022

Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke reveals the devastating ways past wounds have affected her relationships, opening up about her recent divorce and why her four years of sobriety is “not easy right now.” Renowned psychologist Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble reveals the surprising ways our childhood experiences influence our adult relationships. Plus, meet two couples who are working to unwind traumatic bonds of their own.

EP20 “I Was a Good Person Doing Bad Things” - How Fat Joe Went ‘All the Way Up’ Nov 09, 2022

Life lessons you won’t want to miss from the one and only, Grammy-nominated artist, author and entrepreneur Fat Joe. For the first time, Joe opens up about what happened the night he moved out at age 14, the betrayal he says turned his heart “black”, the high price of living a life of crime and the deal he made with his wife of 27 years.

EP21 “He Wanted to Hurt Me One Last Time” - Supermodel Paulina Porizkova on Betrayal, Abandonment + Loss Nov 16, 2022

For decades, iconic supermodel Paulina Porizkova had a picture perfect life: world class beauty, the largest modeling contract in history, a rockstar husband and two beautiful sons. For the first time, Paulina is opening up about her separation from The Cars lead singer Ric Ocasek, his untimely death and the betrayal, heartbreak, abandonment and grief she faced behind the scenes. Now, at age 57, Paulina is bravely exploring the dating pool.

EP22 "That Was the Darkest Time in My Life" - Ashanti’s Sister Shia Douglas Speaks Out About Domestic Abuse Nov 23, 2022

Grammy-winning R&B star Ashanti, her younger sister Kenashia “Shia” Douglas and their mom Tina open up about the horrific domestic abuse Shia endured for years. In their first interview together, this tight-knit family shares what they call the “darkest time of their lives.”

EP23 How to Find and Keep a Healthy Relationship Dec 05, 2022

Renowned experts who have helped millions have healthier relationships reveal highly sought-after advice you need to hear. Dating coach Matthew Hussey, author Stephan Labossiere, podcast host Lewis Howes and relationship advisor DeVon Franklin are joined by a very special woman with decades of wisdom to share: Sheree Zampino.

EP24 Jay Shetty Reveals His Highly Anticipated Rules of Love Dec 12, 2022

Think you know how to love? Think again! For the first time, best-selling author, purpose coach and former monk Jay Shetty is revealing his highly anticipated rules of love.

EP25 Will Smith and His Kids Take Over The Red Table Dec 14, 2022

For the first time, Will Smith is taking over the Red Table with his three kids to open up about the most grueling and transformative time of his life - making the movie “Emancipation.”

EP26 An RTT Special Event: A Different World Reunion Dec 19, 2022

A special reunion millions have been waiting for! After 35 years, the superstar cast of the groundbreaking series “A Different World” is reuniting for the first time at the Red Table, revealing exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, hilarious and heartfelt memories and reliving their favorite episodes.
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