Narcos: Mexico

Narcos: Mexico

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EP1 12 Steps Nov 05, 2021

Walt's undercover mission takes a turn. Amado is released following three months in prison. Juárez police officer Victor looks for a missing girl.

EP2 Como La Flor Nov 05, 2021

Tijuana journalist Andréa takes an interest in the teen guests at the wedding between Enedina Arellano and a prominent attorney. Walt considers a move.

EP3 Los Juniors Nov 05, 2021

After a disappointing conversation with the Arellanos about purchasing land, the Sinaloa cartel reacts. Andréa continues investigating the narcojuniors.

EP4 GDL Nov 05, 2021

With the Tijuana and Sinaloa cartels at war, everyone wonders where Juárez stands, but Amado has other plans in Cuba. Ramón seeks revenge against Chapo.

EP5 Boots on the Ground Nov 05, 2021

Walt joins a Mexican task force led by Gen. Rebollo aimed at catching those responsible for the Guadalajara massacre and Cardinal Posada's death.

EP6 La Jefa Nov 05, 2021

Victor is shaken by a murder and takes action. Violence escalates in Tijuana. New boss Enedina develops a plan to challenge her cartel's rivals.

EP7 La Voz Nov 05, 2021

La Voz is targeted following its reporting on Colosio's assassins. Mayo and Chapo form an alliance against the Tijuana cartel. Victor asks questions.

EP8 Last Dance Nov 05, 2021

When torturing Alex doesn't work, Walt switches tactics. Andrea sifts through financial records tied to Hank and the PRI. Amado plans for the future.

EP9 The Reckoning Nov 05, 2021

Andrea uncovers a startling connection, instigating a cascade of events. With Alex's help, Walt closes in on Benjamín. Hank threatens Amado.

EP10 Life in Wartime Nov 05, 2021

Mexican and US authorities search in earnest for Amado. While in prison, Chapo makes moves to show he's the boss. Enedina sends Ramón on a mission.
8.4| TV-MA| en| Drama, Crime

See the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel as an American DEA agent learns the danger of targeting narcos in 1980s Mexico.

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  • Top Credited Cast
Scoot McNairy as Walt Breslin
José María Yázpik as Amado Carrillo Fuentes
Alejandro Edda as Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán
Luis Gerardo Méndez as Victor Tapia
Matt Letscher as James 'Jaime' Kuykendall
Gorka Lasaosa as Héctor Luis Palma Salazar
Alfonso Dosal as Benjamín Arellano Felix
Mayra Hermosillo as Enedina Arellano Felix
Luisa Rubino as Andrea Nuñez