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EP1 Part 1: Troublemaker and Defiance Feb 01, 2017

After his father's death and backing out of an arranged marriage, Nelson flees his village and heads to Johannesburg, where he continues his work as a underground revolutionary.

EP2 Part 2: Spear of the Nation and Total Strategy Feb 08, 2017

Despite personal financial hardship, Nelson takes on the grueling task of raising funds for the ANC. Once he ends up at Robben Island serving a life sentence, his friend Oliver keeps the struggle alive on the outside.

EP3 Part 3: Brains Not Blood and A New World Feb 15, 2017

Mandela is finally released from prison but his liberation does not come without cost as he is unable to reconcile his marriage. With the country in a state of contention, Mandela is the only man who can unify a divided nation.
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Released: 01 February 2017 Ended
Producted By: Cinema Gypsy Productions
Country: United States of America
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A dramatization of Nelson Mandela's struggle to overturn apartheid in South Africa.

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adriesse Good insight on how apartheid was, a violent and discriminating system.
tinyfordst Another series of propaganda where a terrorist is praised for killing people. Seriously it's shocking why the writers didn't just make a film about the amazing feats of Osama Bin Laden! Any South African who lost family members in terror attacks executed by the ANC will be the first to tell you that this is the ANC side of the story. If the writers actually told the whole story you would see thousands of people killed with bombs as well, but, this is just political propaganda to build up the name of a murderer. That said, let's talk about the acting, even the great Laurence Fishburne couldn't breathe life into this role as he is forced to represent a fictional character instead of the real Mandela. But probably the worst role of them all was the horrible Russian type South African accent of Michael Nykvist! His acting and accent is not only unbelievable, but also SUPER INSULTING to any Afrikaner, if this is how the rest of the world hears Afrikaners I don't see any future for any Afrikaner as they sound way too stupid to not let anyone listening burst into laughter. All in all I would say don't turn to this if you want accuracy of any sort, for just a drama you can give it a shot I guess