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EP1 Tim Alberta Jan 05, 2024

Journalist Tim Alberta discusses his new best-selling book exploring evangelical Christians' steadfast loyalty to Donald Trump. He examines the fear driving Christian nationalism and the impact of faith-based politics on the 2024 election.

EP2 Tony Gonzales Jan 12, 2024

Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX), who represents nearly half of the U.S.-Mexico border, discusses the influx of migrants, why they’re coming, his policy ideas addressing the crisis, and whether bipartisan agreement on the issue is possible.

EP3 Chris Sununu Jan 19, 2024

New Hampshire GOP Gov. Chris Sununu explains why he supports Nikki Haley for president in the lead-up to the crucial first 2024 primary in his state. He discusses her chances against Trump, his stance on a Trump-Biden rematch, and the GOP's future.

EP4 Deborah Lipstadt Jan 26, 2024

Amb. Deborah Lipstadt—Biden’s Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism—discusses the spike in hatred toward Jews since Oct. 7 and the silence from many over Hamas’ atrocities. She explains why it is a threat to democracy and how to fight it.

EP5 David Petraeus Feb 02, 2024

Ret. Gen. David Petraeus discusses the U.S. response to the Iran-backed militia's drone strike that killed three American troops. He comments on Israel's campaign in Gaza, strategies to prevent Hamas' resurgence, and the necessity of aid to Ukraine.

EP6 Sheila Johnson Feb 09, 2024

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheila Johnson, the co-founder of BET who now owns sports teams and luxury hotels, discusses her memoir “Walk Through Fire” on how she overcame adversity to become America’s first Black female billionaire.

EP7 Jared Cohen Feb 16, 2024

Jared Cohen discusses “Life After Power,” his new book about post-presidential roles—from John Quincy Adams’ nine terms in Congress to Herbert Hoover's humanitarian work to George W. Bush's painting—and says ex-presidents are essential to democracy.

EP8 Firing Line forum: Conservatives on Trump 2.0 Mar 15, 2024

At Hofstra University, Margaret Hoover leads a forum with two conservatives on the impact of a second Trump term. Amanda Carpenter warns of Trump's authoritarian impulses; Mike Gonzalez argues Trump would restore effective conservative policies.

EP9 Firing Line forum: Examining The Electoral College Mar 22, 2024

Margaret Hoover moderates a forum at Hofstra U. on whether the Electoral College should be abolished. Save our States founder Trent England argues to keep it while the New York Times’ Jesse Wegman supports replacing it with a national popular vote.

EP10 Jonathan Haidt Mar 29, 2024

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt discusses his new book, "The Anxious Generation," which explores how social media and phone-based parenting led to Gen Z's mental health crisis. He says young brains have been rewired and calls for societal change.

EP11 Ari Wallach Apr 05, 2024

Futurist and author Ari Wallach discusses his PBS series “A Brief History of the Future,” exploring innovations and ideas, from 3-D printed homes to fusion energy, that could solve our biggest challenges and lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

EP12 Coleman Hughes Apr 12, 2024

Coleman Hughes, podcast host and author of “The End of Race Politics,” argues for a colorblind America. He critiques affirmative action and DEI, calls some anti-racism efforts “neoracist,” and discusses why he prefers class-based policies.

EP13 Melissa Murray Apr 19, 2024

Constitutional scholar Melissa Murray discusses Donald Trump’s first criminal trial in Manhattan, the importance of jury selection, the political implications of trying a former president, and what to expect in Trump’s three other criminal cases.

EP14 Stephen Richer Apr 26, 2024

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, a Republican who has taken heat from the GOP for rejecting election lies, discusses the new indictment of Trump allies in Arizona over attempts to overturn the 2020 election and preparations for the 2024 race.

EP15 Frank Bruni May 03, 2024

NYT columnist Frank Bruni discusses his new book, The Age of Grievance, about the culture of victimhood in American politics and society, including on college campuses. He examines its effects and offers solutions for overcoming this divisive trend.

EP16 Fareed Zakaria May 10, 2024

Journalist Fareed Zakaria discusses his book, “Age of Revolutions,” and says technological, political, and cultural upheaval may make now the most revolutionary time in history. He urges Biden to change his policies on the border and on Israel.

EP17 Doris Kearns Goodwin May 17, 2024

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses “An Unfinished Love Story,” her new book examining the 1960s through the eyes of her late husband, presidential speechwriter Richard Goodwin. She reflects on how history inspires hope.

EP18 George Conway May 24, 2024

Conservative attorney George Conway defends the merits of the New York hush money case against Trump as the verdict nears. He calls the former president a narcissist who is unfit for office and says a second term would make the nation ungovernable.

EP19 Dan Senor Jun 14, 2024

Author and podcast host Dan Senor discusses the daring rescue of four Israeli hostages in Gaza, prospects for a cease-fire deal, the new U.N. report accusing both Hamas and Israel of war crimes, and the potential for a new conflict with Hezbollah.
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