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EP8 Captain Mateo Oct 17, 2019

EP11 Dreamcatcher Oct 22, 2019

EP14 Spirit of a Wizard Oct 25, 2019

EP23 The Lightning Warrior Jul 19, 2020

EP24 Día de las Madres Jul 26, 2020

EP25 Heart of the Jaguar Aug 02, 2020

EP26 Elena's Day Off Aug 09, 2020

EP27 To Queen or Not to Queen Aug 16, 2020

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Released: 22 July 2016 Ended
Producted By: Disney Television Animation
Country: United States of America
Budget: 0
Revenue: 0
Official Website: https://disneynow.com/shows/elena-of-avalor

The story of a brave teenager who has saved her kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as a crown princess until she’s old enough to be queen.

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jkd-87008 My 2 year old loves this show, sweet messages also.
dlapell2 So, getting with the "times" I guess Disney has now decided to roll out their own version of Dora the Explorer with Elana of Avalor. Well, it is pretty much that but instead of simple tasks that Dora would repeat over and over again until you thought your head would implode, especially with "I'm the Map!" You now have instead of Dora's faithful monkey boots, Elena has the three Jaquins who are more annoying then helpful, especially Luna voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown. She's about as subtle as nails on a chalkboard. Not to mention you also have Zuzo Elena's "spirit animal" so I am not sure if they are trying to play on Latin culture or Native American here because I don't recall Latino culture mentioning spirit guides or spirit animals. But since this show is little more than a Latino version of Princess Sofia someone in a Disney boardroom thought they needed to make to either suck up to the politically correct section of the audience or they thought they could make money with the merchandising we all know is coming, it really wasn't needed. But what the heck, I guess this is where television is heading anyway with this nonsense. It's just a show that wasn't needed, and seems almost like you're watching Princess Sofia on Univision.
rosyredtulips From the promos, I assumed that it would be a Disney Channel version of Sofia The First and that it would only appeal to 5 to 8 year olds and well, I was right and wrong. It has the same animation style as STF and it's also a musical, but I found myself really enjoying it. It has a good message and it's interesting enough. The characters are likable and the songs they sing are actually really good. I like the idea of a Latina princess too, it's really nice. The only request I have is that they should try to make the show appeal more to 9-14 year olds, which I'm guessing is the primary age group of people who even watch Disney Channel. Right now, from what I've seen, it's more of Disney Junior material. That doesn't mean it's a bad show, though. If they succeed in making it more relateable and geared towards the 9-14 age group, I would probably like it way more then I already do. Anyway, it's a good show and I'm glad that Disney Channel is bringing back animated shows.
lynnchien I think that this show is really cute, and that the art is well done and successfully looks like Sofia the First. The songs are intriguing. But, if this is supposed to be a show for Disney channel, I don't think it belongs there. Disney channel's targeted viewers are 8-12 and possibly a bit older. This show seems like it is for children 7 and under. This show belongs in Disney Junior, and if it is, then great.One minor thing about this, though, is that the plot is pretty basic. They need to go deeper with the meaning behind the story. It just doesn't make sense that a girl was stuck in an amulet and wasn't freed until many, many years later. That just doesn't add up.But altogether, this show seems like a good show for children. Teens and adults might find this a bit boring, though.