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EP1 Team Play Sep 23, 1999

A priest is genitally mutilated during a mugging; a patient dies after a routine liposuction; Jeffrey refuses to perform surgery on a child.

EP2 Y'Gotta Have Heart Sep 30, 1999

A heart becomes available for transplant, but there are two patients waiting and Drs. Geiger and Watters must choose which patient will receive the heart. Jeffrey tries to place Alicia into an exclusive kindergarten. Aaron tries to hold a welcoming party for the new doctors.

EP3 Oh, What a Piece of Work is Man Oct 07, 1999

A doctor with Tourette's Syndrome is brought to Chicago Hope to operate on an infant with a severe heart defect. A patient comes into the ER with, what he claims to be, Albert Einstein's brain and gives it to Dr. Wilkes. A woman is using plastic surgery to make herself look like a Barbie Doll.

EP4 Vigilance and Care Oct 14, 1999

Dr. McNeil goes to magnificent lengths to save the arm of a young baseball star. A little girl is brought into the ER after being hit by a car.

EP5 Humpty Dumpty Oct 21, 1999

The doctors fight to save Cacaci's life after he jumps from a six story building in a suicide attempt, although Cacaci's fiancee says that someone pushed him off the building.

EP6 Upstairs, Downstairs Oct 28, 1999

A widow wants to be impregnated with the sperm of her former husband. Rats take over the hospital.

EP7 White Rabbit Nov 11, 1999

The hospital is quarantined after a deadly virus is discovered; a child is missing in the hospital.

EP8 The Heart to Heart Nov 18, 1999

Dr. Alberghetti performs a surgery with another surgeon, who is in Sri Lanka.

EP9 The Golden Hour Dec 09, 1999

On the way to a football game, Aaron and Jack get sidetracked... after they find themselves in a hostage situation with 3 wounded patients, a loose gunman, and the police about ready to enter the building.

EP10 Hanlon's Choice Jan 06, 2000

Dr. Hanlon must fight against her department heads when they decide they no longer want her to perform pro-bono operations. Dr. Alberghetti tries to help a young man with a staph infection.

EP11 Faith, Hope & Surgery Jan 13, 2000

Gina operates on a surgeon who's been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

EP12 Letting Go Jan 20, 2000

A hepatitis scare forces Dr. Geiger to call for outside help; Dr. Simon's misdiagnosis causes her to doubt herself.

EP13 Boys Will Be Girls Feb 03, 2000

A teenager is forced to live his life as a girl after the slip of a knife, and McNeil goes to court to try to help.

EP14 Gray Matters Feb 10, 2000

A father is told he can only donate his liver to one of his children, after both go into liver failure. Rose Webber comes back to Chicago Hope and finds that Aaron has started a new relationship -- with Gina.

EP15 Painful Cuts Feb 17, 2000

Keith discovers a heart murmer while giving Alicia a physical. Jeremy performs an appendectomy on Siamese twins.

EP16 Simon Sez Feb 24, 2000

A mentally challenged couple enters the hospital. The husband needs open heart surgery. The wife discovers that she can't become pregnant after she was sterilized without her consent.

EP17 Cold Hearts Mar 30, 2000

Shutt and Simon invent a procedure and use it to save the life of a girl. McNeil treat a wrestler who's been using steroids.

EP18 Devoted Attachment Apr 06, 2000

McNeil's friend is shot. Pancreatic cancer effects one of the conjoined twins that have entered the hospital.

EP19 Miller Time Apr 13, 2000

The hospital is purchased by an HMO, and immediately suffers budget cuts. During an operation that Miller is filming for a documentary, the heart stops beating on both the patient and her unborn child.

EP20 Thoughts of You Apr 20, 2000

McNeil goes against procedure and red tape and performs a hip replacement surgery. Shutt and Simon transplant a computer into a patients brain. Alberghetti tries to ignore her feelings for Miller.

EP21 Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope Apr 27, 2000

Shutt's patient wakes up after being in a coma after 15 years. A man is denied health coverage, after saving Miller's life.

EP22 Have I Got a Deal For You May 04, 2000

Rumors fly that the hospital is about to be sold again; a man seriously injured in an accident wants to be the guinea pig for the computer program he's invented that can help him move again.
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Chicago Hope is an American medical drama television series, created by David E. Kelley. It ran on CBS from September 18, 1994, to May 4, 2000. The series is set in a fictional private charity hospital in Chicago, Illinois. The show is set to return in the fall of 2013 on TVGN in reruns.

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cathylr Aired at the same time as ER, unlike the latter, the situations are funnier and seem less realistic (although based on actual cases). It is a bit hard for me to remain objective as this is the series that made me discover David E.Kelley and remain a fan to these days. Here, the sense of humor is second degree, a bit cynical sometimes but always in line with human feelings. All I can recommend is that you watch and see...
micksteel86 I can't believe CHICAGO HOPE has a ratings of 6.7. This was one of the very best dramas of the 90's. The cast headed by Mandy Patinkin(at first) and then by Adam Arkin was excellent. Listening to Mandy Patinkin's unique singing style was always a strange joy. It also had a great quirky element to it one episode being when Jeremy Piven had a permanent erection (why do I remember this)was hilarious. was also an episode in which a patient had a spear through his head and what seemed like a ridiculous television story was not so as there have been numerous incidents of this kind since. Like most fans I was saddened when Mandy left the show but when he returned I realized how the standard had not dropped without him,it was just different. I haven't seen the show for many years and wish it would return to free to air television. It would be great daytime or late night viewing now. Like most great shows it had great writing and the name In talking about actors there was none better than Christine Lahti but all the female leads were excellent. David E Kelley is the classiest name in television writing. Great cameos in the show by names like Rip Torn and Alan Arkin as well. So for me a 9/10
Syl ER was satisfactory but Chicago Hope was superior with mature cast of characters played by a stellar cast of actors and actresses. I loved the relationship between Mandy Patinkin and Adam Arkin. It appeared to be doing fine until Peter MacNichol who played the lawyer Alan Birch left the show and joined Ally MacBeal. Roxanne Hart played a nurse who was married to Arkin's character. Hector Elizondo appeared to be the heart and soul of the show. Christine Lahti later joined the show but the show lost it when cast members like McNichol and Patinkin who chose to leave for other opportunities and spend more time with his family. When ER and Chicago Hope first came on, I have to say that Chicago Hope had a greater edge than it's sister show also set in Chicago but ER seemed more elementary and spent more time dealing with personal relationships. I think Chicago Hope tried to do both very well and it would have had the original cast stayed on board.
AllisonLVenezio I do not regularly enjoy doctor shows, especially since I am the one who will outright refuse to see doctors for anything (and I'm only 19). However, my mother watching this show during my sophomore year of high school prompted me to watch it too, and ask lots of questions.The show takes place at Chicago Hope hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and focuses on the lives of several doctors working there, under the guidance and helm of Dr. Philip Watters (Hector Elizondo). In the season I saw in entirety, the 1998-99 season, there was Dr. Bobby Yeates (Eric Stoltz), a free spirit, who consistently clashed with Dr. Kate Austen (Christine Lahti), Dr. Jack MacNeil (the very handsome Mark Harmon), and orthoscopic doctor, Dr. Aaron Shott (Adam Arkin), who is now a psychiatrist after suffering an anyerism (sp?), Dr. Caccachi, who ends up taking his own life by jumping off the roof (I NEVER liked him, and I was with Jack--pull the plug, he's done for), and Billy and Diane, who are juggling their careers with new parenthood.This show is interesting, because I've learned so many different kinds of hospital terms that I probably wouldn't otherwise know. This show combines the drama of saving lives with some essential humor (especially from Jack MacNeill--you couldn't have found a better person to play this role!). My favorite episode is the first episode I ever saw, the 100th episode, in which Philip becomes ill and halucinates that Allan Birch (Peter MacNichol) has come back. That episode was freaky, but it ended well, with Philip recovering. My one question: Did Jack date EVERY woman in the hospital?In all, this is a great show, with a great cast. I try to catch the reruns as often as they air on Lifetime. If you get the chance, watch it too. You seriously won't regret it.