American Horror Story

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Released: 05 October 2011 Returning Series
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An anthology horror drama series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a hotel, a farmhouse in Roanoke, a cult, the apocalypse and a summer camp.

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Noideax431 I remember when Horror actually meant having someone who's possessed or a room that contains a dead girl's body or a monster ...etcBut now Horror means talking about Trump and other issues that doesn't actually concern any of us! Not to mention the amount of +18 scenes in the show! I'd call that porn!I'm not a politician nor a person who wants to discuss "nowadays problems" I'm simply a person who wants to ACTUALLY watch a horror show, is that so hard to ask for? Having the same actors and actresses over and over again, the same house story TWICE, annoying characters, no horror at all, +18 scenes over and over again??? I mean if you called this show "american mess story" or "american chaos story" that would actually give people insight of what they're about to go through!0.0/10, what a horrible horrible show! Please don't watch it and please stop making new seasons we're disgusted
janetrosen-66768 The first season was good, the third good, the fourth good, everything in between and after, literal utter crap, with the last season being the glaring wet bowel fluids to top this mound. I really did not think it was possible for the latest season to be any worse season 6, boy was I wrong. I get it that Ryan Murphy is the average liberal SJW but the fact that FX would allow him to project his mass triggering like this is unacceptable. The entire "Cult" season is nothing but 11 hrs of one giant Marxist psychological projecting train wreck. This season will be remembered in history as if only to show future generations what it was like for a network to allow someone to produce a show throwing a temper- tantrum over election results.I've seen where defenders are claiming that Ryan Murphy makes fun of both sides, therefore it's OK, let me clear that up right now, no he does not. He makes fun of the independent voters who voted for Jill Stein thus not allowing his anointed queen Hillary Clinton to win the election. He then proceeds to essentially paint every one of Trump's supporters into a maniacal cult who use fear( like Trump ) to get their way. That might be OK entertainment if it wasn't so blatantly real and delusional as to which side of the political spectrum utilizes fear mongering, but Ryan Murphy is known for projecting the tactics used by the MSM and democrat party onto the right. I used to laugh when I heard the phrase "Trump derangement syndrome" because for one I thought it was an utterly ridiculous thing to say, but "Cult" has very much proved it to be a real thing.Where you stand on politics is irrelevant. I put away my politics to try and find some enjoyment in the show, but frankly it was impossible once I realized I was watching a grown man's temper-tantrum masquerading as a television show. Take away the triggered snowflake elements of Cult and you are simply left with one persons very delusional sense of reality that can't even manage to write it all that well. Cult, and previous seasons, are such a discombobulated mess it makes you wonder if the episodes were being written as they were being filmed. It also seems as if Murphy( taking inspiration from the better show 'Blood Drive' ) wanted to push the limits of dropping 'F' bombs on TV as far as he could. It's literally like watching a mentally challenged kid with a new toy for as much as he had character dropping the word in every episode, so much to the point that I thought at least one episode's entire dialogue would be. The characters are flat and unbelievable, which to the actors defense considering what they had to work with it's not all that surprising.
dlh-48964 Loved all the seasons prior to season seven. But season seven had no horror story, it was just full of political bashing. Completely disappointing since every other season was so great..
GypsyKing878 The first few seasons of AHS were absolutely thrilling (mainly seasons 1 and 2). The characters were believable, the story was grounded and realistic, it was mysterious, enticing, bizarre and genuinely creepy unlike later seasons. Then came season 3. Despite Season 3 being substantially better than seasons 5, 6 and 7, Season 3 was (at least for me) where everything started going downhill. (season 4 was actually pretty enjoyable despite being a bit messy) I won't go into any details about the last few seasons because I honestly wouldn't know where to start, but I think it's quite obvious that the show has been gradually losing steam, which really is a shame because there was a lot of potential.