Winter's Tale

2014 "This is not a true story. This is true love."
6.2| 1h58m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 13 February 2014 Released
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A burglar falls for an heiress as she dies in his arms. When he learns that he has the gift of reincarnation, he sets out to save her.

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hollymwmk I think Colin's hair deserve some sort of acting award! I haven't seen hair getting flipped so much since Farah Fawcett!!
Michael Ledo The film incorporates ancient beliefs about life. We are all connected by light. We turn into stars when we die. There is one miracle in all of us.The gods/angels/demons intervene.In our tale Peter (Colin Farrell) is a thief in NYC. He leaves the dark side run by a demon Pearly (Russell Crowe) and joins the good side. Pearly works for Lucifer (Will Smith) and is after Peter who meanwhile falls in love with a pretty redhead (Jessica Brown Findlay) who is about to die from TB. Peter literally lifts her off her feet and rides off on a magical white horse. This leaves me really skeptical: Did a guy really write this? This is a slow developing story. It has several good scenes and a number of snooze scenes. I would leave out the narration which assumes the audience are idiots and work whatever ideas it gives us into the Lucifer dialog.This is a soft PG-13.
tinyfrecklegirl I enjoys the first half of this movie, although the romance between Peter and Beverly did feel very rushed at first (you know cliché when people fall deeply in love and first sight). I mean the guy had just met her like a day ago and was saying that he loved her so much and all this. But whatever, once I got past it's rushed beginnings their relationship was quite cute, I shipped it. I would have been happy to watch a movie that was just focused on their relationship like a normal chick flick but no. The plot was a mess of too many different aspects, it would have been a lot better if they could have just picked a plot line. Like really, they didn't need to have the whole demon mafia aspect or the weird white horse/dog thing. Although I understand this movie was based off a book however I have never read it myself, I understand that maybe they had to keep in those, in my opinion, pointless aspects to remain true to the book. However from what I've heard, fans of the book were not very impressed by this movie either. In my opinion this movie was just trying to do too much and isn't really worth your time.
DuskShadow This could have been great. Something tells me thus. Yet the naggin feeling that this film was purely made to pander to the multitudes of women, and maybe some men, that are obsessed with Farrell cant be shook.A bland sort of mysticism passing for 'magic' with angels and demons and Colin flying on a poorly winged horse that barely qualifies for a pegasus, and on and on with no need for a reason for Russell Crowe to be a jerk in yet another film. OH an WIll SMith is the shaitan lol. Get jiggy with the silly , fresh prince of darkness.WHAT IN OF THE EFFEIN' EFF?!Overshot for a film that almost seems geared towards family, yet has a fairly vivid sex scene in it along with deaths here and there. Then there's a time elapsement that is so simple I half expected TOm hanks to pop up out of nowhere playing God and speak about " Da true true" YEs folks, this film was even WORSE than cloud atlas. * Drops the mic*