The Thinning

2016 "Only the smartest will survive"
The Thinning
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In a post-apocalyptic future where population control is dictated by a high-school aptitude test, two students discover the test is smoke and mirrors hiding a larger conspiracy.

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johnsu-48950 I really like this idea of natural selection as it does seem to be reasonable to just keep all the smart ones. However, one thing that bothers me is that we know how some students pass because of their richness and Ellie probably failed because Blake's father disapproves of her but I am still confused to why Laina was made to fail the test. Is it because her family is poor? If that is so, why don't they get rid of her younger sister as well? Or maybe Blake told his father that she has been helping others cheat with the lenses....
neil-43355 I was very sceptical about seeing this when I realised it was a YouTube production, I should really learn to trust my instincts a bit more. I was bored and gave it a go anyway, its full of plot holes, some really bad acting and has some ridiculous characters - its boring, clichéd and has been done (a lot better) many times before - if you have more than half a brain in your head or are older than 15 then give this one a swerve.
omendata I don't normally swear but by god after i had watched this abysmal effort i had to so please forgive me IMDb its not my normal modus operandi.Terrible acting especially by Napoleon Dynamite clone Logan Paul - apparently he is some sort of vine social media z-list celebrity but he is butt ugly and has zero persona and acting skills and actually made me want to turn it off in the first 5 mins but due to my OCD i had to watch it to the end!The movie copies what has already been done to death with Hunger Games and The Purge = It seems the movie scene these days is all about either copying what has already been done or remaking old classics badly! Zero originality - all these producers have to do is pick up a copy of 2000AD comic from the 80's and make a movie like BLACKHAWK, WOLFIE SMITH, ROGUE TROOPER, FIENDS OF THE Russian FRONT, MELTDOWN MAN OR PLANET OF THE DAMNED - There are literally hundreds of good ideas from that era waiting to be made!Seriously if you are going to make a Scifi movie like this you really need to spend a little more than 100k and it shows.The whole movie looks like it was filmed in the corridor of my old school for 50p and a bag of monkey nuts!!!The main baddies looked like the Vinnie Jones thugs from the Arnold and Stallone movie Escape but a hundred times worse and i never thought i could say that about Vinnie "the untalented" Jones but they make him look average.And who was the main bad guy doing his bad attempt at a Danny Trejo impression - JEEZ.This is seriously ordure and shouldn't have been made its that bad!Apart from the overtly politically, leftist, limousine libtard bias we seem to see in every film these days and which really makes me mad but what is even more annoying is they seem to be catering so much for "THE 100" yoof viewers low intelligence and bland story lines - its actually a tragedy for the movie industry if this is what going to the cinema is to be replaced with Amazon, Netflix, Youtube rubbish like this - this would probably have fitted into being an episode of Black Mirror...Maybe but it certainly didn't deserve to be made into a movie.I gave it 1 only because of the rather excellent end credits music and for the relief that is was finally all over!
Thatone Guyhmm I thought this was an average movie, but was a little slow and weak in areas. The film did have a good idea but the ending kinda contradicts the purpose of the Thinning. Also, I might have missed something somewhere, but my question I couldn't figure out is...Did the Governor (Blake's Dad) know that his son was going to be an underground slave when he corrected the "passing" and "failing" scores??? Seems like either I missed it or it is something to be explored in a sequel.