The Salvation

2014 "Bad men will bleed."
The Salvation
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In 1870s America, a peaceful American settler kills his family's murderer which unleashes the fury of a notorious gang leader. His cowardly fellow townspeople then betray him, forcing him to hunt down the outlaws alone.

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Michael Ledo Jon (Mads Mikkelsen) is a Dutch immigrant living in what will be "oil country." After seven years he brings his wife and child to the US to live with him. Things don't work out and Jon becomes a vigilante force in a western version of "Walking Tall." Eva Green is in the film, but has no speaking lines. The bad guy wears a black hat. Plenty of killing. I found the film to be formula and the dead pan character of Jon plus the quiet Eva Green made the dialogue thing a joke.Guide: No F-bombs or nudity (Congrats Eva Green on getting a role where you keep on your clothes. Now try for a speaking part with no nudity.) Implied sex.
alindsay-al The genre of the western has been slowly dying over the years but I had some interest in seeing the salvation and this film is just pretty forgettable which is a shame. The premise of this film is after a man has his family taken away from him he goes on the hunt for those responsible. Mads mikkelsson is the lead in this film and he does a really good job, he gives a subdued performance but one that you can tell has the anger and emotion in it to make you root for him in this film. Jeffrey dean Morgan plays the villain in this film and he does a good job, he is a pretty cliché villain but he manages to add some of his charisma to the role which makes him entertaining to watch. Eva green plays a mute character in this film and I never really cared about her in this film, I struggle sometimes with mute characters to connect with them and I think this was one of the problems with green here. All the other characters are paper thin in this film and it is hard to really Care about them in this film. The story is a simple revenge story and when it focuses on that it does work like most films of this sort do. Its when this film tries to focus on other things that it falls down as you really won't care about it. The script is really poor in this film, there is nothing here that stands out or does a good job at making you care about the dramatic scenes and there is no humour to be seen here. The style of this film is very much a straight up western here and some of the action scenes are pretty cool. But this film feels really short and I do feel like this film could have done with being a little longer to help flesh out some of the motivations of some of the characters in the film. Overall this is a film that is just there, it isn't bad but it isn't good so it probably isn't worth a watch.
Teresa Jonesy I think I would like this movie. Indeed, I've tried to watch it several times, but always quit because the background sound is SO DANG LOUD, I can't hear the dialogue. Yes, I know, TV speakers are generally crap, and I'm old, but those are no excuses.So, I you have a high-rent sound system attached to your TV, go ahead and watch it. If not, pass it by as a frustration you don't need.
ben-30567 Wasn't sure what to make of this when I first saw it on Netflix, but because I like Westerns thought it was worth a try. Not going into details but at a high level, the villain and his brother were truly evil. The action built slowly but in the end it came down to the last man standing. Sort of like the Unforgiven but in my mind better. You will not be sorry you watched this. Needless to say it's violent and definitely R rated.