The Purge

2013 "One night a year, all crime is legal."
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Given the country's overcrowded prisons, the U.S. government begins to allow 12-hour periods of time in which all illegal activity is legal. During one of these free-for-alls, a family must protect themselves from a home invasion.

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stevipp I will add my agreement with the swathes of people who hate this stupid film. One key thing was the reason the neighbours gave for wanting to kill the family - because they were sold security systems by the father which enabled them to build an extension. Truly laughable. The use of the homeless man at the end to save everyone was so predictable. Just awful from start to finish. And to Cersei Lannister: Shame!
namnhile The idea itself of the purge is very interesting but the scenario in this movie is very disatisfying. Everything seems to be very illogical. All the wealthy family just have hand guns and a shotgun. Look! living in the purge as a wealthy family and you don't even have a riffle and bulletproof vests in your arsenal is just absurd. When people are in front of your house threatening you and you don't have a way to shoot them in the face is just ridiculous. You can have a machine gun mounted on top of your house or a tower just like the ones on armor tanks, remote control and shoot one by one out of them. And even you bust into your door and you don't have a assault rifle mounted behind a steel shied and shoot the hell out of them is another disappointed point. They are rich and suppose to be smart, well prepared but their actions and thought are very simple and predictable. There are hundreds of ideas to make this movie better. If you want to make a satisfying chaos movie, put real actions and thought into it. Don't be lazy!
mr-shekhar88 I wanted to kill the daughter the son and later, the wife as well ... who the hell thought these characters were repeatable or someone the audience could sympathize with??
adonis98-743-186503 A wealthy family are held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate during the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legal. The Purge is an insane concept that might sell good on mind but on paper and screen it truly lacks imagination. I found this family to be quite dumb or at least their kids were especially the boy and of course the girl, Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke do try their best but the script is muddled to be honest. There's some jump scares of course that should be known by now but as a film it's not awful or the worst thing that ever happened it's just kind of meh and forgettable to be honest with you all and for that i'll give it a 5/10.