The Hero

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Lee, a former Western film icon, is living a comfortable existence lending his golden voice to advertisements and smoking weed. After receiving a lifetime achievement award and unexpected news, Lee reexamines his past, while a chance meeting with a sardonic comic has him looking to the future.

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jcjs333 I'm a 74 year old and liked this flick. Justifying or rationalizing 'why' i loved it i'm going to do only because i think i'm required to write a certain number of characters. When i write these things i always read some 'Hate' reviews to see who i disagree or agree with and i get annoyed with those who disagree with me and find reasons for my views to be better. Humorous and human i suppose. I loved that the flick didn't offer 'pat' resolutions and follow formulas i've seen other shows display. I loved that the old codger, like myself, can smoke and make love and look good the next day. One reviewer didn't like that. I liked he's getting it on with a young gal that he loves and she loves him and they have plenty in common. I like he allows and perpetuates her loving him or liking him. One of the greatest thing is to be able to like and really love. To open oneself , not to be loved , as much as 'to love'. This show doe this wonderfully. Cancer and his daughter are, ought to be, important but not as important as their Sam Elliots character. The show doesn't have to 'explain' stuff. I'm a drama lover and shun most all computer flicks which bore me. This stuff never bores me. To each there own. I stayed riveted to this show and thought 'Spiderman' stunk.
Juliet van Ree As the title of my review says I believe this to be the most honest movie in years. Now I know that sounds like a contradiction because movies are usually for entertainment and don't need much honesty. But this movie is different.Of course it is entertaining and contains humor. But more than humor it contains an insight to getting older, dealing with loss and still being able to find joy. This movie doesn't polish away the less beautiful sides of life and it doesn't ignore controversial topics. The writer did an excellent job providing a great story and this movie should be rewarded for that. But even more it should be rewarded for the actors who are so much in character that you don't know if it's acting or truth. Warning spoiler ahead: One scene in particular was amazing. It is the scene where the Sam Elliott does a script reading with Nick Offerman. In this scene both are moved to tears. Now the fact that it's a script reading within a movie (script within a script) and that they still made it look so real is unbelievable. I can understand how this movie is not for everyone. A lot of people will simply live too much in the now to feel comfortable with watching these topics that aren't easy. But if you do, please go watch this. You will not regret it and possibly it will even give you inspiration and comfort for hard times to come.
Mark Turner How can anyone not like Sam Elliott? Looking back at the films he's done (forget about TV series there are too many to list) and remembering him in movies like FROGS, THE SHADOW RIDERS, MASK, ROADHOUSE, PRANCER, TOMBSTONE, THE BIG LEBOWSKI and more I kept thinking what an amazing career the man has had. In addition to that he's been with the love of his life, Katherine Ross, for 39 years now, ever since they met on the film THE LEGACY. Known for his good looks, wiry frame and classic moustache he's never won an Oscar but that's never stopped him from giving great performances.THE HERO may be his best yet and if it isn't nominated for an Oscar I'll be disappointed. Elliott stars as Lee Hayden, a character actor at the end of his game, hitting 70 years of age, relegated to voice overs in commercials and known mostly for a TV western he made decades ago called THE HERO. He now spends most of his time sitting and watching old movies with his friend and dealer Jeremy (Nick Offerman) while they get stoned. Divorced, distant from his daughter and beaten by Hollywood that's all about to change.To begin with Lee has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Bad news but then he meets Charlotte Dylan (Laura Prepon) at Jeremy's house and the two hit it off. When he learns he is being presented with a lifetime achievement award, he invites Charlotte to be his guest when his daughter turns him down. A little stoned at the award he gives his acceptance speech, stating that he is not the only hero there, that all of them are heroes in their own way. An online video of the speech makes him a viral sensation and suddenly offers come his way.But how does one deal with sudden fame thrust upon them at age 70? Lee has no clue what going viral means even but Charlotte helps him through it. A moment with Charlotte on stage makes him face the reality of where he is in life right now at this moment. With so many bridges burned in his past, will he be able to make up for lost time? And will he have the time to do so? The story may seem simple and in truth it is, but it's a center post on which to layer the meat of the movie. That is the performance by first off Elliott and then by his co-stars. This role was written with Elliott in mind and it's not a dissection of his own life as he grows older but gives a picture of what most actors reaching this age go through. No one hires you but people still remember your face, at least the older ones do.Offerman has been mostly associated with the comedy series PARKS AND RECREATION but he's displayed some acting chops in movies lately that will change that forever. Prepon has left behind the girl next door so many recall her as in the series THAT 70'S SHOW and grown into a mature actress with more depth than that series prepared us for. Why she's not getting more noticeable roles is beyond me. The May-December romance between her and Elliott allows her room to show what she can do and she does it well.The movie never received a wide release when it came to theaters and I think locally it played at a Cinema Center rather than the usual theater. That's sad. With so many bad movies hitting the screens (and more often than not several at the same time in a multiplex) you would think a public looking for options would have enjoyed discovering this one. Thankfully that will happen with its release on DVD.This movie will not only make you recall all of those wonderful Sam Elliott films of the past and have you running for your collection to watch them all again, it will make you think back to other stars who have gone the route of Lee in this film but in real life. Consider stars not too much from the distant past who seem to have disappeared, receive little credit or who are forgotten. Is it too much to take a moment and remember the enjoyment they provided for us all? Elliott is one of those, who fortunately never left us to retire. Would that more stars had that opportunity as well. Perhaps this movie will provide the impetus for that to happen.
jain_daugh We like Sam Elliot and he does well with this role, but not as well as a similar role in Off The Map.There was SO MUCH MORE that this story line had to offer but instead the director relied on artsy and scenery shots. We felt our time was wasted watching this.Another thing that disappointed was how the 'back story' didn't clue in and in fact discounted westerns! The awards ceremony audience echoed this in how it appeared 'aged and clueless but adoring in what seemed a mindless way'. May all the great Hollywood cowboys haunt the creators of this (waste of) film.