The Expendables 3

2014 "New team. New attitude. New mission."
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Barney, Christmas and the rest of the team comes face-to-face with Conrad Stonebanks, who years ago co-founded The Expendables with Barney. Stonebanks subsequently became a ruthless arms trader and someone who Barney was forced to kill… or so he thought. Stonebanks, who eluded death once before, now is making it his mission to end The Expendables -- but Barney has other plans. Barney decides that he has to fight old blood with new blood, and brings in a new era of Expendables team members, recruiting individuals who are younger, faster and more tech-savvy. The latest mission becomes a clash of classic old-school style versus high-tech expertise in the Expendables’ most personal battle yet.

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Platypuschow Okay fine The Expendables franchise isn't a complete failure in my eyes, this is by far the best one and three movies in shows potential.First of all I want to address a point. I've long since complained about the state of a world where it's highest paid people are actors, singers and sports people. Though I'm a movie obsessive I'll never deny that they are offensively overpaid and Expendables 3 demonstrates that with the absence of Bruce Willis. They tried to get him back in a small capacity, just 4 days work and offered him 3 million. 3 million dollars for 4 days work! In response, he demanded 4 million and they decided to cut him loose. So think about this, a man being paid more for a days work than a minimum wage worker is likely to make in their entire life! That ladies and gentlemen is the world we live in.Anyway I digress.I wouldn't go as far as to say that The Expendables 3 entertained me but it certainly had its moments. The action was marginally better than the previous two films but it's saving grace was the cast. No I'm not talking about the same guys who have been phoning it in for the past two movies, I mean the newbies. Antonio Banderas stole the movie, he was brilliant. Snipes delivered like I haven't seen him do so in years and despite all the criticism I think Rousey did a great job as well.So fine, it's not the big action blockbuster to end all action blockbusters but it blows the previous two movies out of the water. With a great villian, the new cast and a good lengthy finale it's passable stuff.The Good:As much as it pains me to say, Mel GibsonAntonio Banderas & Ronda RouseyThe Bad:Robert Davi was wastedStill mindless cliched stuffThings I Learnt From This Movie:Every person on the planet without any formal training can wield any type of firearm like a professionalThe moment Gibson was outed as a bigot, he started doing bad guy roles and nailed it every timeI genuinely want to know if it's possible to attain/maintain a physique like Stallones without steroidsCountless explosive shells fired from tanks at a building rigged with explosives won't set them offDisguising yourself as a bad guy complete with helmet without your allies knowing you're doing it in a full assault situation makes perfect sense
doctorx150 This movie is so fricking ridiculous it was tough to get through it with out turning it off but I had to stick it out. lousy, lousy acting, horrible one liners and ridiculous special effects if that what you call it. please god done make a number 4.
Marthian80 I didn't think much of the first two Expendable movies but I was curious how the next installment of this movie would turn out. The 'PG-13' rating worried me but the addition of Wesley Snipes, Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford to the team might make up for it.. right? In the opening scene of The Expendables 3 we see the old team (Stallone -> Barney, Lundgren -> Gunner, Statham -> Christmass, Couture -> Road and Crews -> Caesar) on a missions to rescue Doc (Snipes) from a train. Doc is happy to go home but learns from Barney that they're underway to another mission and just needed one more man for the job. Doc agrees however, and the team goes to Somalia to stop an arms dealer unloading some bombs. While the mission goes more or less to plan, Barney is shocked to see that the arms dealer is none other then Stonebanks (Mel Gibson) who he believed was dead. He opens fire on him and jeopardize the mission, forcing the team to withdraw. Stonebanks escapes in a helicopter and has the ability to take the whole team out with a rifle, but decides to only wound Ceasar and then drop a bomb on them which does no damage because they all jump in a river. Back home, a man known as Drummer (Ford), who has taken over from Church, and Trench (Schwarzenegger) push Barney to go back and take Stonebanks out. Barney doesn't want more of his friends to get hurt so he leaves them to go and meet Frasi.., I mean Bonaparte (Grammer) to find fresh blood (and Antonio Banderas) to get killed instead of his old buddies. But will the youngsters be tough enough to take Stonebanks down?While I thought that the second installment was getting better, the third one is a let down again. I don't mind the ridiculous over the top action that this movie is filled with and I like Gibson here, he actually plays a decent villain. There is also no shaky cam which is an improvement in my book. But where it goes wrong is the forced editing to make it PG-13. With so many knife fights, explosions, people flying around and gunfights, it takes a gazillion amount of fast cutting and patching to keep the violence down. And the movie suffers heavily from it, some action scenes are so badly cut it makes my eyes hurt! The other major downside is the inclusion of some random selection of young actors (I have never heard from) who are going to be the "new" team? Who thought that was a good idea? And who wanted to see the 'drama' happening when the old guys meet the young guys? I assumed that everyone who watches these movies want to see the old action heroes kicking ass, not some random kids riding around on motorcycles and hacking into security systems... The 'new' old members are decent though, but I'm not sure if Banderas character was a bit to much. The parody part of the movies is getting old as well, hearing Arny saying 'choppa' so often is getting old fast..The Expendables 3 has some decent action scenes and a good villain character but overall it suffers from the forced PG-13 rating and the inclusion of some random young actors that nobody wants to see.
irehawk This is strong bloody macho movie and you need to rate this as "PG-13" to earn money in desperation? I know you need more money in order to get a bigger audience in desperation, unfortunately, you cannot lack too much safety along the way.There's such a serious situation that trying to earn money in desperation also results on not lacking safety along the way. so that means that this movie can still be rated "R", even if you need to earn money and get a bigger audience in desperation, but don't lack safety too much along the way at the same time!