The Edge of Seventeen

2016 "You're only young once… is it over yet?"
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Released: 18 November 2016 Released
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Two high school girls are best friends until one dates the other's older brother, who is totally his sister's nemesis.

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labng This is a coming of age film, true. But it's just done so very well. No gimmicks here. Just a good story with believable and likeable characters, tastefully doused with humor. The acting is top notch. Would Woody Harrelson have shown up otherwise?
Wasi Ahmed (electrifier4) When the industry is dominated by crappy superhero films and movies such as The Edge of Seventeen kind of fails to meet it's full potential in the market. I completely missed this film in 2016 and just watched it in 2018. I might have never seen this movie if my friend hadn't mention it and boy was I surprised. When you have overdone cliched teen movies for decades and had completely lost faith in the genre, The Edge of Seventeen was a breath of fresh air. It was fun and charming. Beautifully done cinematography, brilliant set of cast, a strong story and a very well executed film this was. This film really left me with an heartwarming experience. I don't remember the last time I really laughed out loud to a movie and at the same time cared for a character as much.For all of you who are tired of superhero flicks, this will be refreshing watch. Promise.
avernuskingslayer The Edge of Seventeen, Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, The role of girl is played by Hailee Steinfeld, and Haley Lu Richardson plays his best friend. Blake Jenner plays his brother. Main points of the plot is, High schooler Greg, she spends most of his time making parodies of classic movies with his co-worker Earl, finds his outlook forever altered after befriending a classmate who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I think that's the normal junior girl life. That happens simple life. Hailee Steinfeld actor's ability is increasing. She plays good that movie. That give't me other realize. I watch'tr any other meanings for that movie. I watched theatre. Recommendation. For those of you you like a fanciful movie, it's well worth going to see. But I like't. May some junior children need to watch it.
ird-85714 Not bad I have seen many movies with theme that I liked much more the edge of seventeen one of the best films about high school kids and some girls TEENAGERS YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS The Edge of Seventeen" is funny, heart-felt and insightful modern look at teen angst. This is very much Hailee Steinfeld's film love how nadine really busts the movie out in style with a visual comparison of high school now and I see major differences in the movie one day his father tom dead so Nadine and his friend Darian drunk a alcohol Nadine falls sleep and wakes up to find Krista in bed with Darian who is naked. Darian is in the world only one best friend Nadine . she do not understand in friend in after he go to school he talking about Erwin Erwin is his classmate is student he has crush Nadine so many actions there movie so it is interesting for me an ending. Erwin is interest a animation filmmaker they meet in her home after accept hi invitation her school is short film in the finally Erwin is film story about green alien boy he fall in love with girl at high school Nadine apologizes to Erwin for taking so long to accept his love in action is so amazing because Nadine find a love and friend . and teenagers watch it because you solving the some problem.