The Director and the Jedi

The Director and the Jedi
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Released: 12 March 2018 Released
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An intimate documentary delving into Rian Johnson's process as he comes in as a director new to the Star Wars universe.

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HandsomeJawa In terms of a behind the scenes look at a Star Wars film, I feel this documentary is definitely worth a watch for how they did all of the sets and effects alone. It was a monumental task to design 200+ sets with such a small turn around for some. If you're at all interested in the technical side of filmmaking, or are just a big fan of practical effects, then this documentary will be well worth your time.The sheer scale of it all really amazes me. Moments and effects I thought for sure had to be CG just based on their complexity had been hand crafted all along, just going to show how much effort the team was willing to put it.One thing I do wish had been explored more was the writing. It's no secret by now that Mark Hamill and Rian Johnson really disagreed on how Luke was going to be portrayed in the movie, but at the end of the day the doc really only covers the broad strokes and leaves a lot to be inferred.And on the subject of things I wished we'd seen more of, Carrie Fisher was without a doubt the biggest missed opportunity in the whole thing. I understand that during the filming of this they still expected her to be around for one more movie and her sudden death wasn't something anyone could have accounted for, but given everything I really wish we'd just gotten more moments with her on set, or more interview clips in the end. What's there is still really good, but I'd just been hoping she'd be more of a central focus.That having been said, Mark and Rian were clearly going to be the main event all along, and even despite my earlier gripe I feel the doc managed to give both of them their due. From all the fun moments with Hamill on set, to the amount of work Rian put in with the actors, you really get to see both shine when they're in their element.If The Last Jedi left a bad taste in your mouth, I don't think there's much here you're going to enjoy, but to anyone else I'd reccommend watching this.
d-duff Misleading title. I was hoping for two hours of uncut footage of Mark Hamil and Rian Johnson yelling at each other about what Luke Skywalker's character should be, but it was just a normal behind the scenes documentary. It was well made but it didn't offer any insight into the creative differences between Hamil and Johnson that we didn't already know. You can probably skip this one and just watch the YouTube compilation of all the times Mark Hamil tried to warn us about The Last Jedi. It's a lot shorter and much more entertaining.
Jigsjigz Loved or hated the film, I for one Hated it and now i can seen and understand why it was so bad with so many flaws and lack of chemistry. This just backs up everything i saw in the Last jedi... where was the guy to say "BUT THIS DON'T AD UP!" or "THIS MAKES NO SENSE!?" etc... but there we have it.