2018 "This was not the plan."
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Released: 13 July 2018 Released
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Lucas, a diamond trader who travels to Saint Petersburg to arrange a sale, discovers that his Russian business partner has left his hotel and gone to a small Siberian village, so Lucas also heads there to try find him.

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stahura2215 First off let me say I love all different movies from Sci-Fi to Action to Kids to anything even a little entertaining. Usually love Keanu's movies so guessing he owed a director a huge favor and agreed to be in this movie without reading script. Feels like the very basic idea of a story was thought of and then never completed the chapters I watch 4 to 5 new movies a week and this is the worst I've seen in 2018 and maybe even the past few years.
Marko Laving What was the point of this movie? What did we find out more or how did we improve as people? Was the only point that you need to hold and hug your wife after making love to her? There was nothing more to take with me from this time spent. Really disappointing. Even action scenes were boring :(
lydia-bel I really love Keanu and I was really excided for this movie.I had seen the trailers and it seem a really good thriller film with lots of suspence and with a catchy story.Unfortunately thet only action in the whole film lasted for 3 minutes.The other one hour and a half was filled with unessesary sex scenes (every five minutes there was a full sex scene involving Lucas (Keanu Reeves) and Katya (Ana Ularu)) and Keanu Reeves showing off how well he knows how to speak other languages.I found nothing interesting in this novie and I would definately not recommend it to someone else nor watch it again by myself.This movie (no matter how much I love Keanu and appreciate his work throghout the years) is a big no-no for me.
uryttepy OMG ! this mediocre film, pure waste of time! amazing to see Keanu Reeves in a turnip. The story is nil, very confused, not exciting despite the sex lol scene Nothing is likely. This film will quickly confuse, sound and fury signifying nothing, we learn nothing about the characters and I have not compatible, because we stay away, it's cold, the camera is also very cold; I did not see any interest, this film is rotten. The actors too and even keanu, which is limited, but it's still the best, only an actor can not save a movie. Move along, there is nothing to see here!