Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Thirteenth
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Released: 17 October 2000 Released
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In this horror parody, a masked serial killer menaces the town of Bulimia Falls with various sharp objects. Attention-seeking television personality Hagitha Utslay is soon on the scene, reporting on the ever-growing body count. Former mall security guard Doughy shows up to protect the teenage population, but he's clearly not much help, allowing the murderer to pick off even more hapless kids as numerous scary movies are referenced.

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GL84 Caught in the middle of a vicious killing spree, a group of high school students find themselves living in a world of parodies forcing them to rely on a local reporter covering the crimes to help them figure out the killer's identity.For the most part this one here wasn't all that bad and serves quite the impressive and enjoyable slasher parody. While it's true that most of the comedic elements here are far more due to personal preference rather than anything to do with how funny the film itself actually is, the fact still remains that the film really does have some genuine laughs that are quite hysterical. The most effective of the film's great gags comes from the ploy of having them becoming more and more aware of the fact that they're in an actual parody rather than anything else, which not only means that they take the instances from the films themselves but also allows the film to take a series of potshots at the very concept of the parody genre by going through the motions of how absurd and contrived many of these films truly are. This one also manages quite a lot of fun actually going against the normal conventions found throughout most slashers, as the inept killer who can't kill anyone on his own merits, the taunting of the victims who manage to find the most obscure means of escape and the hysterical chase sequence here that's presented as a pop-up music video which is utterly hilarious and one of the film's most original gags. While the few attempts at horror do give way to this being more of a spoof than anything else, and the comedy is certainly not something for everyone it's got more than enough to make for a highly underrated and enjoyable spoof.Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence,comedic sexual references and drug use.
langsts21 I enjoyed this movie. It is a good parody that mainly parodies I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. I'm not saying that this movie is the best parody ever, but it is pretty good in my opinion. I am not very picky when it comes to movies so that might be why I like it or maybe it's because the movie is underrated. I think that it is most likely the first one, but it doesn't matter to me because I was entertained. Since this was released around the same time as Scary Movie, it could be said that this movie rips it off. Even if that's true, it doesn't matter to me because I like the movie. If you like horror, comedy, or both, I recommend this.
PurplePanther I watched this movie for the first time two days ago with friends, and there was a generally consensus that this movie SUCKED. This is honestly one of the worsts movies I have ever seen in my life. I know that it is THE worst PARODY movie I have ever seen. It basically has the same spoofs as Scary Movie, but it's not even half as funny. There is a different between gross out comedy and just plain gross. This movie was the latter. I did not laugh ONCE throughout the entire movie, and if I did, it was only at that the sheer stupidity of the joke. I assume they only put this out on DVD when Scary Movie beat them to the punch and came out first, but I think they shouldn't even have bothered releasing this movie at all. The fact that a better funnier movie was already in theaters with such similar characters and plots should have told them to save themselves the embarrassment of trying to compete, even on video. Don't waste your time. 0/10.
DarthPaul85 Place yourself back a few years, before horror-spoof films had their own franchise, and cut these guys some slack. Some of the jokes clearly aren't as audience-tested as we're used to now, but the movie is still a lot more original than any of the scary movies (only scary movie 3 comes close). Too bad this movie didn't come out first: it deserved to.If you like parody movies because they make fun of the originals, but also because they throw in some more universal jokes, then this one is just fine.However, if you NEED a "funny movie" to rely on lots of raunchy sex and bodily function jokes, perhaps you should stick with "Scary Movie."