Scary Movie

2000 "No mercy. No shame. No sequel."
Scary Movie
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Following on the heels of popular teen-scream horror movies, with uproarious comedy and biting satire. Marlon and Shawn Wayans, Shannon Elizabeth and Carmen Electra pitch in to skewer some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, including Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Matrix, American Pie and The Blair Witch Project.

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lyrafowlpotter I watched a lot of movies "I wasn't supposed to" as a kid and teen, but this is one of the few I truly regret watching, at any time in my life. Even if you like potty humor, and non-stop sex jokes, which as a teen, you'de think I would have, I did not, I don't know how anyone can find this sorry excuse for parody funny. Unless, of course, you really enjoy nonstop jokes on par with the ones I told when I was 8yrs because we were not supposed to know about sex, but did. that is the equivalent of to this movie. It is akin to the song that goes "Theirs place in France where the naked ladies dance", that was funny as a little kid, but while we shouldn't lose our humor, it certainly shouldn't stay at lowest common denominator for child under 12. I am not saying I didn't laugh at all, but I felt very dirty about it and felt worse every minute the movie continued, even if some of it was spot on, those spots were few and far between, and would have been a lot funnier if it was a sequel to UHF by Weird Al, just saying, it would be way more funny if UHF 2 was a slasher parody at the UHF station. ~Amy
Devon Elson (absolutetravist) Coming out in 2000, the Wayans and their parody entrepreneurs were up against another film stomping on the Scream license, that being Scream 3. One would end a franchise (for a while) that started with greatness and the other would start another franchise that wish it could be as clever as the other film however dumb it is.Much how Craven revisited Woodsboro eleven years later, there was a morbid curiosity in seeing if sixteen years later Scary Movie ever deserved even one sequel. Almost guiltily the potential for a franchise is there in a lowbrow if decent enough comedy. Perhaps it's an ironic form of nostalgia having witnessed the desolate laugh vacuums that were the later entries such as Epic Movie or Disaster Movie but the original is not that bad at all.It's biggest compliment being it actually resembles a film. In that it follows a basic three act structure, has a natural pace adopted from source material, and even characters that abide by basic archetypes while showing a smidgen of actor personality. These all seem a given however after enduring the quality of the latter films, the restrained assemblage of film parodies here all compliment each other well, tied together and flowing along with a sense of competency long gone now.After complimenting the actual ability to parody horror films, this is also a Wayans film. It's not entirely unexpected that a fair 80% of the punchlines are basically "the joke is I'm black" with the other percent being "I'm gay". While the diet-homophobia is fairly tone deaf (the killer's motive simply being he's gay, oh wait, one of them just 'acts' gay... cue laughter) the Wayans do manage to land a solid amount of racial humour. One timeless if easy gag being the all black news team reporting they're "getting the f*** outta here!" before speeding off. It's also funny in an ever-so-slightly awkward way watching Scream afterwards the sheer complete absence of any PoC actors in that film, which seems to be intentionally and heavily corrected in the sequel.It's this humour that seems to answer the age old debate of whether a bold and uncompromising comedy like Blazing Saddles could be made today. Let's be clear: the Wayans are no Mel Brooks. That being said, it's almost disappointing that after a first solid entry, the Scary Movie franchise could've improved over time and become almost respectable in skewering of the genre. Unfortunately it strayed from scary movies like Icarus attempting to tackle all of cinema and forgot what the word satire meant.
borislav-56812 Greatly underrated movie. This is one of the best comedies of all time. The actors play their hearts out in this parody/comedy. Everyone actor in the movie is in his prime and maybe this is their best roles. Ray - his gay kind of character is hilarious and his jokes are just on the limit of not to offend anybody or to be uncomfortable to watch. Shorty - freaking funny and insane with his shouting jokes. Cindy - innocent, stupid and naturally funny. Bobby - absolute punk, funny as hell, especially the part where he explains to Cindy and Ray that he's gay at the end, I laughed my ass out at this part. Brenda - so natural to play rude black woman. Buffy - the ultimate bitch, he plays herself. Miss Thunderstorm - awesome hot ass reporter, a little bit evil to her cameraman. Greg - the ultimate macho, but with the smallest dick ..hahahahahaha, hilarious character. Doofy - the best retard in a movie ever made. The Slave and his master in Amistad II...OMG may be the funniest part in the movie - to see how black director make fun of slavery in America. I rate this movie 10/10 because I've watched it more than 300 times and I'll watch it again for sure. One of my all time favorite.
maiconfs14 First,i'd like to apologize about my bad English,i'm not American.Now the review,people will disagree,but,this is one of the funniest movies i ever seen.Warning:If you like political correctness,this movie is totally not for you,it goes from suicide jokes to ejaculation jokes,it has lots of sex jokes,some are unfunny and kinda gross,but,are compensate by how other jokes are hilarious. Now,"Scary Movie" parodies slasher teen movies,mainly,"Scream" and "i know what you did last summer",but,take jabs at other films even "matrix".So the film synopsis is the same than from "Scream" and "IKWYDLS",only adding stupid,because it is a stupid version of these films.Sinopsis:stupid teens accidentally kill a man,one year later,these teens are chased by a stupid killer.See?Now,despite being one of the funniest movies i ever seen,it still has it bad moments,i mean,even naked gun has bad moments.One of the problems is after a while,the movie loses it steam,and the jokes get bad (those are probably the Seltzer- Friedberg parts of the script) but still it's a very funny movie and i recommend to everyone who likes stupidity and spoofs,even those who don't like may enjoy it