Robby the Robot: Engineering a Sci-Fi Icon

Robby the Robot: Engineering a Sci-Fi Icon
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Released: 14 November 2006 Released
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A short documentary about Robby the Robot.

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zimbo_the_donkey_boy I'm not prepared to write a real review this morning but, to follow my own rule, I'll dash one off just because nobody else has. This was fun to watch along with the other material stuck onto the Forbidden Planet's 50th Anniversary DVD but I am satisfied just seeing it once rather than owning it.It features interviews of the guy who designed the thing for Forbidden Planet. It shows a lot of the process going into figuring out what the thing would be like in the first place. It mentions the various other films and TV shows Robby ended up in, as he was so popular (Leslie Nielsen even delivering a quote to the effect that, when he first saw Robby, he realized that ROBBY was gonna be the real star of Forbidden Planet--or was that in Watch the Skies?). It features others who worked on creating the "robot". It goes into what robots were like in other flicks. It also features a lot of interviewing of a guy who (today) makes & sells recreations of Robby replicas. Was it meant as a commercial for his biz? Was that how the documentarians got him to talk to them and provide the (admittedly interesting) robots to look at? Whatever. It was interesting seeing the original drawings and hearing the old stories in any case.