Music Within

2007 "Experience a movie that will make you believe anyone can change the world."
Music Within
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After a confrontation with one of his idols dashes his dreams of studying public speaking in college, Richard Pimentel joins the Army and ships off to Vietnam. During his service, Richard loses nearly all of his hearing. Joining a new circle of friends, including a man with cerebral palsy and an alcoholic war veteran, Richard discovers his gift for motivational speaking and becomes an advocate for people with disabilities.

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cricketbat Music Within couldn't hold my attention. It features powerful performances by both Michael Sheen and Ron Livingston, but the inspiring true story loses its power as the film wanders around and drags on. It's a shame because this movie had the potential to be great.
kerfufflenco I had no preconceptions going into this movie and at the end it almost bought me to tears. The acting, even by innocuous characters like the army buddies, was spot on by every one. The story itself was inspirational and the camera work was flawless. A fantastic re-telling of a great story worth the effort. Intelligent comedy weaved amongst hard to face issues makes this a definite "Excellent" to all my friends.
jammie-6 Fantastic script quirky at times and heart wrenching at others. Fantastic Cast and great acting across the board,, Everyone should watch and enjoy this great movie and story!! Yul Vazquez character is right on, and the character of "ART" what a fantastic job congratulations to Micheal sheen. Ron Livingston is absolutely spot on throughout. Melissa George does a great job,, but the list of cast members in this movie is absolutely great from top to bottom they all were wonderful. To put it in just a few words the storyline is great and brilliantly written, you will laugh, cry and come away from it with a new point of view, and Im not sure if it was in theaters or not but it absolutely SHOULD BE!!
dq-19 As a mother of a disabled actress with Cerebral Palsy who is heavily involved in advocacy within the disabled community we were thrilled with this movie. My daughter met Mr Pimentel at a Youth Leadership Conference in Sacramento and his speech motivated her tremendously and she was excited to hear lines spoken in the movie that she heard from Mr Pimental. Ron Livingston did a great job portraying Mr Pimental and, of course, Mr Michael Sheen was incredible - no one with any knowledge of CP would have guessed that this gentleman did not have CP. Having said all this - I did find it horribly ironic that although this movie was all about inclusion and disabled rights, the main disabled characters were portrayed by able bodied actors. Was it impossible to find a good deaf actor and a good actor with cerebral palsy? One of my daughter's goals in life is to get people to accept actors with disablities playing a variety of roles on screen - believe me they are capable. Once again - we loved the movie and all it told and hope that the disabled community will continue to be seen and heard.