Mission: Impossible

1996 "Expect the Impossible."
7.1| 1h50m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 22 May 1996 Released
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When Ethan Hunt, the leader of a crack espionage team whose perilous operation has gone awry with no explanation, discovers that a mole has penetrated the CIA, he's surprised to learn that he's the No. 1 suspect. To clear his name, Hunt now must ferret out the real double agent and, in the process, even the score.

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Ashleigh Miller I personally really like Mission Impossible and find the theme tune of it really iconic and makes me really happy and like a little child again. The film is a great action movie and sets up the series of films really well as we can understand Ethan better due to this film. I also like the twist that is in this film and how Ethan comes to knowing who the mole within the oranisation is.
arjunflamingfeather The moment in 'Mission Impossible' the cinema is the comprehension of what is cinema to the fourth world countries which is a set of digital footage which has been recorded to preserve a movement in two dimension and which has a sequence. The English language speaking and reading public in the fourth world countries are set to watch mission impossible: national geographical has entrepreneurs travelling to these parts. The nations at the far corners of the world are countries graded by wealth: gross domestic products but cinema halls in these parts are few. Cinema has a reach because digital media is the part of recording that is being reviewed for the movie that 'we' have seen. The proof that it is fiction is the page that opens certain movies like Mission Impossible: Fallout in the year two thousand and eighteen. The cinema which aired in the third world on Friday is Mission Impossible which with a translation to the fourth world countries is the language spoken 'here'. Please watch Mission Impossible starring Tom Cruise.
Anish Misra Mission: Impossible is a film directed by Brian de Palma. I have seen this film one time before. But I again decided to see it since I wanted to go into the intricacies of this venture. And I was stunned.Plot: Ethan Hunt, an IMF agent is on the run from his superiors for killing his team and stealing a NOC list.Story and direction: This film is more of a thriller film than an action one, which was very rare at the time at which it released. This is what impressed me the most. The story is very intriguing and for every second of the film you feel the tension mounting. The complaint heard mostly from this film is that you can't move away from the screen even onece as you may miss something. But I genuinely don't see that as a flaw. Don't the people who invest in the movies want the audience to put their whole focus on the movie itself? The characters and their story are also very interesting. In the initial scenes itself, you care for Ethan Hunt. He worries about the safety of his agents and his country and that was very beautifully shown. The score by Danny Elfman works wonders. In some scenes, there is total silence as the director wants to tap on the tension. This shows that Brian de Palma is in love with his work. The action scenes are minimal in this one, but they are great. They feel real even 22 years later. But the film had one minor flaw for me. It was the VFX in the climactic battle. It looked like blue/green screen work in the background which made me cringe a bit. Performances: Tom Cruise's image changed overnight just because of his character, Ethan Hunt. I just loved him. He lived each and every moment in the film. Who could have tought of a big bald, plumpy black guy like Ving Rhames as a hacker? Not me. He just was great and did provide some comic relief in the film. Jon Voight is awesome. So were Vanessa Redgrave and Jean Reno. Henry Czerny is the kind of boss that just doesn't have a clue as to what's going on and I loved that. I had a small issue with Emmanuelle Beart's casting. She still happens to retain her French accent, which is never explained in the film.Favorite Scene: It would be the scene where Luther, Krieger, Claire and Ethan are on a train to the US and Ethan explains as to what they are about to do. The tension is what gave me goosebumps as it just happens to explain the following scene. Also, the thing done well was showing Ethan's confidence and Luther's doubt in the mission.Verdict: This film marked the beginning of a great franchise which boasted not only goo stunts but also good character development and things that are still remembered even 20 years after. I applaud Brian de Palma and team for bringing such a film to the screens.I am going with an 8.5/10.
NikkoFranco So our dear Mister Tom Cruise found himself a golden goose by making a franchise of their borrowed, highly successful title. However in all those 5 or 6 ? parts, the very best for me is the very first one. Why - because it has many unforgettable elements that are still being re-enacted in comic acts, satire, action etc. Also the cast is able to showcase that mystery , that air of suspense that isn't there anymore in the sequels . What happened is that everyone has shifted their expectations of a flawless story into flawless stunts. It became a victim of its own succcess, just like with many other blockbusters. Tom Cruise , with all his running here, there and everywhere, has been and always is eye candy. Jon Voight as the ultimate nemesis is no surprise as the man has plenty of character. Vanessa Redgrave as Max has to be crowned as the queen of scenestealing because she owned the character, Max and Max owned her. Highly entertaining value even after twenty years.