Meet the Robinsons

2007 "Think your family's weird?"
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Released: 23 March 2007 Released
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Lewis, a brilliant young inventor, is keen on creating a time machine to find his mother, who abandoned him in an orphanage. Things take a turn when he meets Wilbur Robinson and his family.

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djcarter-926-246180 This was a really good movie that I still enjoy watching today, as an adult. The plot is pretty juicy once all the pieces are put together towards the end.
Clifton Johnson So this film has some heart. Which is good...because the animation is awful, the characters are inexplicably ripped from a 1950s sitcom, the story is directionless, and I kinda forgot animated movies could be this bad. Thank heavens for the Pixar merger because Disney was apparently REALLY flailing in 2007.
OllieSuave-007 After the last two not-so-good entries in the Disney Animated Classics line-up (Home on the Range and Chicken Little), I wasn't enthusiastic about Meet the Robinsons. However, after watching it, I was pleasantly surprised! It's an interesting story about a young orphaned boy named Lewis, who is an inspiring inventor and meets a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson. He takes Lewis to the future and together they team up to track down the nefarious Bowler Hat Guy, who wants to change the past.Sure, this movie has another sci-fi themed plot. However, what results is more than just cliché sci-fi action. There is actually heart to the movie and well-developed characters, from Lewis yearning to find his birth mother to Wilbur encouraging him to move on and believe in himself to help him save the future. Each member of the Robinson family is eccentric and lovable and the other supporting characters have their own charm - all delivering drama and humor to the film. This film also has plenty of twist and turns and unsuspecting moments, which gives the story some suspense and intriguing moments, and also sends messages about the importance of family, fate and letting go & moving forward.The CGI animation is colorful and detailed (I especially liked the city outline) and the direction is well-paced. The inscription at the end of the movie by Walt Disney is touching, giving this film a spark of that special "Disney touch." The movie is a little too heavy on the sci-fi elements, but overall, it's one of the better Disney animated films from the 2000s.Grade B
Charles Herold (cherold) This energetic but rather forgettable movie is nicely animated and has a fairly interesting story, but it's not especially funny. If you're expecting something as good as The Incredibles or Up then you won't get it.It strikes me as a good movie for kids. There's a lot of running around and a focus on the sort of antic humor that seems to appeal more to kids than adults. It's a very broad sort of humor. Had I seen this movie when I was ten, I think I probably would have enjoyed it a great deal. But for an adult, I wouldn't say this is a great choice. Although if you like broad, antic humor, perhaps age is not a consideration.