Meet the Blacks

Meet the Blacks
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Released: 01 April 2016 Released
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As Carl Black gets the opportunity to move his family out of Chicago in hope of a better life, their arrival in Beverly Hills is timed with that city's annual purge, where all crime is legal for twelve hours.

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kosmasp No scary movies anymore? Sound fine, but I reckon we get this instead. And while it does have to say something about racism in America (yes still a thing), it also gets repetitive and sort of boring in its attempts to make fun of the Purge series. The Purge is now so over the top, it should be easy to make fun of it.Way easier than what we see here and while there are some fun ideas thrown at you, not many stick (pun intended). There are a lot of guest appearances, one in particular by Charlie Murphy, that might be uncomfortable for some to watch, considering the fact he recently passed away. But those feelings aside, it does not really have the quality to entertain fully as it could
Caleb Whitney The only reason I give this film two stars instead of one is the fact that the wife and daughter were nice to look at. There was a funny line where Carl says "lt feels like we're in a horror movie!" The story is rambling nonsense, acting is terrible and the jokes fall flat. The writing might be the worst I've ever encountered. In fact, it almost seemed like there was no writing, that the actors just made lines up as they went along in every scene. Almost like improv gone bad.The white villains express their racism with the most ridiculous comments. Yes, that's right, ridiculous even by racist standards. References to "Willis" from Diff'rent Strokes, New Balance tennis shoes. Ugh.
Pete Moss Have you ever seen a movie that represents reality poorly? Ah, well. It is a comedy, right?I like Mike Epps, but this film might as well have been a cartoon. There were a few short laughs; The biggest laugh by far was Mike Tyson's brief role. He had me rolling. The rest of the comedy was based on "stuck in the 1930's" style racist humor.White people are represented as universally villainous and overtly racist; Which is supposed to be a joke, but the lines just seem so unnatural that there is no way it could sound authentic. Its like someone went through the film in post production and tried to ad-lib some racist white people from books written a century ago.I was mostly disappointed in the comedy, bored by the action, and even a great scene with Charlie Murphy couldn't raise the bar on this film. The kids were annoying, the family was deranged, and Mike Epps himself seems too old for the sh*t-head gangsta roles he always seems to get. Casually dropping the N-bomb while looking disinterested and lanky was his main appeal in most films and I think the amusement of that character has run it's course.Mike, you can play roles where the character has an IQ over 70, I promise! Err...I assume you can.
erudzitis84 The folks who think it is dumb, racist, chauvinistic, lots of overused clichés, are wrong in my opinion. It is a really fun movie to unwind after a hard days work, i recommend it truly, especially to age 16-35, older folks would smirk at it, but they love to watch films like Mission impossible or James Bond. This is great movie in all. Made me smile. Now, in saying that, having seen movies like the purge, resident evil, saw movies, meet the parents, walking dead, this movie indeed takes a lot from those , that's why this movie is semi- called a parody. Seems similar to scream 2, scream 3, pretty clever graphics for a crazy family horror comedy. Was at one point thinking it was set near sun, was filmed in a hot weather. In this age of politically correct movies and countless re-makes and dynasty franchise blockbusters this is a nice departure into the world of silliness and craziness , which is a lovely thing and we should rejoice about that fact.