Mean Girls

2004 "Welcome to girl world."
7| 1h37m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: 30 April 2004 Released
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Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George.

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shevaunhodge I watched this film when it was first out and was not expecting it to be so good, I was very surprised. I have watched it many times since and it never gets old. The characters are all brilliant and each add a lot to the story line. The acting is fantastic and has some well known actresses that have become very famous since the film was released. Rachel madams plays the ring leader of the mean girls, and plays a fantastic role . She is one of my favorite actresses and I love all of her films . I didn't like her character at all, for obvious reasons, but watching it now, it shows how talented she is, and how she has done so well in her acting career. Other very famous actresses include Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Seyfried. The fiilm is very funny all the way through. The jokes are very sarcastic and un predictable. It is laugh out loud funny there are a lot of jokes that the characters say that people still quote now when the film is mentioned. For example "Boo you whore" and "That is so fetch". The film is based around poking fun at peoples perceptions of high school today. All the popular girls "The Plastics" are pretty, but very mean, they where revealing clothing, obviously attracting all the popular boys which are your stereotypical jocks etc. There are also the teens that are not so popular, and have a harder time at school. This would be band geeks or nerds etc. The film is entertaining all the way through and story is very enjoyable. Despite the film poking fun at what people assume high school life is like, and many of the characters falling out, the ending is very good. Everything is resolved and big lessons are learned. The stereotypical life at high school is no longer. At the end of them film the teens are not labeled as "Nerds" or "Band geeks" and the teens seem to all gel together. .
charleshowler Maybe this is a biased review, because I grew up watching this film in High School, and had it as point of study. But this cult classic contributed so much the evolution of western culture for millennials. So many memes and quotes have been taken from this film that almost every millennial from the 80's and 90's can immediately recognize.This is the greatest teen flick of all time.
fatimaalgoud Mean girls Comedy, tragedy, drama (2004) Mean girls is about a situation that happened in high school where a group of girls bully other people. The movie is based on a book. The film is set in America at a high school in 2004. I love the acting in this film. Lindsey Lohan and Rachel Mcadames and Tina fey were the main characters and Lindsey Lohin plays as the role of Cady . My favorite character is Regina because she was super funny and has good acting skill. This movie can respire a lot of people, specially people who are facing bullying, the movie taught us to never judge a book by its cover, and with confidence you can rock about anything and one of the main morals is don't dumb yourself down for a guy. The movie is so inspiring, I give it 9/10 GO WATCH IT SOON!!!!!!!
Mary Samter My boyfriend has this on DVD so we put it on last night and watched it together. It is still good and has not dated at all.The clique is indeed mean and one wonders whether high schools are like that today. I graduated high school a decade ago and don't remember such a mean environment, but then again that is the appeal and story of the film.The girls are really hot and they flaunt it. Gretchen is the prettiest to me, but of course they are all handpicked to be pretty especially during their stage show.In short, funny, mean, sexy and anyone who has attended high school is bound to identify to some degree. Fun film