2015 "Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you can say hello."
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A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and re-connects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog assigned to him.

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jab1652 The only good thing about it was the soundtrack. I tried to watch it in full but gave up half way thru.
joaquinnq It is not easy to encapsulate Aloha in a genre. It's not the usual Rom-Com, although the argument might lead one to believe that yes. The main thread describes the dramatic arc of a man centered on his work, capable of loving, but with difficulty to engage in lasting relationships. In addition, the film explores some manifestations of Hawaiian culture and parody some clichés about military conflicts and conspiracies, with unequal effectiveness.The speed with which Aloha travels from one genre to another, sometimes in the middle of the same scene or dialogue, must have confused more than one viewer. It is understood that it has not reached a greater success, between the public and the critic.But Aloha has beautiful details to watch and taste, combining serious and emotive subjects with a fine humor, in a delicate balance.Also, it is a film with an outstanding casting. The protagonists do their work. Rachel McAdams is charming. It's a pleasure to see Bill Murray. And it is remarkable the discovery of Danielle Rose Russell, a young actress who delivers a memorable performance, to close a light and touching film, that tackles serious issues without taking them too seriously.
studioAT With the pedigree of the cast and creative team (well, Cameron Crowe) involved, you wouldn't expect this film to be a flop. But oh dear it is.Shoddy dialogue, pointless scenes, and wooden performances all come together to make you want to say 'goodbye' rather than 'Aloha'. It's almost a headache trying to work out how very good actors like Rachel McAdams who are normally so reliable all came together to make this sorry mess of the film.Admittedly it picks up after a particularly bad first half hour, but never to the level it should.The less said about Bill Murray's role in this the better too. How a guy who famously chooses his projects carefully looked at this script and thought it would be good I don't know.Avoid this film.
latinfineart Not sure why so many are complaining about this film. I watched it, and was quite charmed by it. Watched it again, after recommending it to a few friends. Half of them got it, the other half complained. I found the writing to be bordering on magical. A bit surreal at times. It is becoming so hard to find a well written film, coming out of Hollywood these days, so it is refreshing when one finds something like this. The scenes with Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams (both were outstanding) were totally believable, and there was real chemistry there. His character was well conceived, and Alec Baldwin was funny. But, the top scenes in the film were with the Maestro Bill Murray. Oh my God. They must have been written with him in mind. There were some plot contrivances that were a bit much. But, they are forgivable, when the rest of the film is this good. Virtually the entire scene in the bar for the Christmas party was pure magic. I will not give anything away here, but pay attention to the dialogue. It is gorgeous. That scene alone is worth watching this movie for. Many screenwriters and directors could take a cue from this film. It is very well put together, and a delightful film to watch.