Love is Forever

1983 "Comeback. A True Story."
Love is Forever
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Released: 03 April 1983 Released
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Michael Landon stars in this real life story about a journalist in Laos, and the extent to which he will go for his girlfriend.

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edwagreen True life story with a smoking Michael Landon as a reporter living in Laos who smuggles out stories to the west regarding the vicious government of the country.When a general hires a lovely young maiden to spy on him, love blossoms between the two and the general (Jurgen Prochnow) becomes very jealous.Arresting Landon and banishing him from the country leads us to the remaining plot of the film: Landon tries to get his true love out of the country via the sea. The trouble is that our fair lady can't even swim.The film is a good one with good performances all around. The ending will certainly satisfy you.
Dale Steenhoven From back cover, "Based upon a true story, a foreign journalist returns to Laos to rescue the woman he loves, and was forced to leave behind. He had been in prison and tortured by the Communist regime one year earlier, and was convicted of being a spy. However, he was willing to risk his life to reunite with his one true love..."I bought this DVD for a buck at the local dollar store, and it was worth it. Made by Westlake, it is very poorly produced. I had to increase my volume about 50% higher than normal. The color was not very sharp either. But if you like Michael Landon (Little Joe from Bonanza), you'll enjoy this flick. It's a real example of what folks will go through, because of love.There's also a couple good roles by Mr. Edward Woodward (remember him in "The Equalizer") and Elvis Presley's first wife, Priscilla.
Bill Goode This film has a really interesting plot. The acting is pretty good as well. It is a real life story about the height of integrity of a journalist in Laos, and the extent to which he will go for his girlfriend. It is a very uplifting story.However, the DVD versions of the film (I have seen two DVD versions) are extremely poor. The sound is so terrible, that frequently the listener cannot tell what is being said, and there are no subtitles or closed captioning. There is a constant roaring sound in the background of the soundtrack for the entire film that makes the voices often difficult to understand.The film has really bad resolution and it is often dark. The lighting and resolution are frequently so poor that one cannot recognize which characters are in the scene.The producers of the DVDs frequently bill the film as starring Priscilla Presley. If you are a Priscilla Presley fan, don't be fooled by this as she appears on the screen for a total of perhaps 2 minutes and has about three lines. She plays a very minor role in the film. It is strange that the real heroine in this film, Laura Gemser, usually gets much less billing.The film can usually be purchased for less than $5, which to me is worth it. But be aware that the sound and video quality are EXTREMELY poor. So I give the plot a 9 and the filming a 1 for an average of 5/10.
Soledad-2 This is a 1983 movie but I just saw it last night. It's a movie based in a real life event: the story of a foreign journalist in Laos who is declared "non grata person" by the Communist regime. This is a beautiful story of love and courage. The main character is Michael Landon, one of my favorite actors. The movie is kind of slow but I enjoyed it.