Friends with Benefits

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Released: 21 July 2011 Released
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Dylan and Jamie think it's going to be easy to add the simple act of sex to their friendship, despite what Hollywood romantic comedies would have them believe. They soon discover however that getting physical really does always lead to complications.

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Special-K88 N.Y.C. based 'headhunter' Kunis is a jaded romantic who has spent the past several months trying to recruit L.A. based art director (and equally jaded romantic) Timberlake to relocate to the east coast and take a job at GQ. Though hesitant he decides to take the job and they form a genuine friendship, that is until they decide to try and have sex with no emotional attachments-which of course never works. Snappy at first, with great dialogue, solid laughs, and some clever digs at the romantic comedy genre, but a lot of the fun drains away as it becomes more and more conventional as it nears the finale. Made worthwhile by the work of its two leads who have great chemistry and impeccable comic timing. **½
JokerMichel The movie wasn't good. It wasn't really interesting and I felt bored a little bit . The couple was OK , there was a little bit of romance , but it wasn't funny or entertaining
Neve FWB is the kind of film you chuck on after a bad day of work, so you can zone out for a couple of hours. It's fun, surprisingly endearing and features a stellar cast that's sure to have you giggling.After reading the more negative reviews, I think the biggest issue is watching this without knowing what to expect. It's not new, it's not thought-provoking, and you can sure as hell guess what the ending is as soon as you read the summary. Yet, it's amusing. It's a happy little feel-good movie, and certainly nothing more. However, what makes it so good is that the film knows that. It never pretends to be something it's not, and pokes fun at all the clichés it harbors. The chemistry between Kunis and Timberlake is enjoyable, the soundtrack is upbeat, and the supporting actors, while not as fleshed out as they could be, are fantastic.Overall a 7/10, and an easily re-watchable film.
gregoryross Confessions of Fraternity Days 1984, Norbert was a college freshman in Abilene, Texas. All his break ups, unique jobs, and fraternity oddities. Norbert is social, kind hearted and successful at everything, but true love. He is a singer, a model (for BVD), a youth minister, quasi-college athlete, and an adult dancer. It is the best Texas college fraternity story since Proof by Kevin Reynolds. Makes you laugh, cry and remember the 1980's. A Humorous coming of age tale, destined to be a Cult Classic. Coming soon…Rock Star goes to College A Great Soundtrack More than Zero Holden Caulfield goes to College Footloose in West Texas Heart of Texas www.gregoryross.net