Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!

Dennis the Menace Strikes Again!
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Released: 14 July 1998 Released
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Barricade the doors. Lock the windows. Because he's baaaack. That one-boy wrecking crew, Dennis the Menace, returns for more mischief and mayhem. Based on the comic strip and TV show about a mischievous little boy with a gift for the potentially lethal prank.

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TheLittleSongbird I really liked Dennis the Menace with Mason Gamble and Walter Matthau, the Switchblade Sam subplot aside. It was entertaining and cute and Matthau was just brilliant. I was expecting this sequel to be terrible. To my surprise, it wasn't, but it was rather mediocre still.The costume and set design are not too bad, in fact it is colourful, while the camera angles are quite good too. Don Rickles does do a worthy job replacing Matthau, and Betty White is good value as Martha. The music was also okay at best.Though I wish I could say the same for the script and story, but I can't. The script and dialogue are not really that funny and come across as childish, while some of the gags are predictable and poorly timed. The story is thin and not always that well thought out, while the direction is lacklustre, the film is too rushed for my liking and is too short. Some of the actors do good jobs, but the characters are not so easy to relate to, they are not very well written at all and come across as silly. Dennis is annoying to me this time around in alternative to cute and funny, while the less said about Margaret the better.Overall, the film is not terrible, but it is rather mediocre. 4/10 Bethany Cox
kristi-23 the first one was so cute. not one of the original actors returned for the sequel. it really doesn't even have a plot. there's nothing likable about rickles' mr. Wilson, unlike the walter matthau character in the original. and the dennis character can't hold a candle to the first! the 2 crooks in this are just plain silly. betty white is fine as mr.s Wilson, but we don't even get to know her. and the characters of dennis' parents are so wooden, they could have just used cardboard cutouts instead. the margaret character was just plain silly. i don't even know why they wasted their time to make a sequel. please don't waste your time with this stinker.
Twilight_Wraith I must admit, I liked this direct to video film. George Kennedy and Don Rickles are fun to watch in this movie. The good thing is Dennis is not an obnoxious, disgusting kid who's obsessed with gross pranks and such. Instead, one annoying thing Dennis does during the movie is turn carwashing soap into cotton candy. Not necessarily funny, but at least I can keep down my meal while watching the movie. Of course that is until Carrot top comes into view in the film. The film features Golden Girl alumnus Betty White as Mrs. Wilson, and some other people you've never even heard of before. How exciting! HUH? HUH???
jocprep This is a movie directed at young children (I watched it with my little brother), who will eat up the slapstick and inept adults. If you have seen the first contemporary version starring Mason Gamble, don't see this. Justin Cooper ("Liar,Liar" and "Home Alone 3") in not even half as good as was Gamble in the first.This movie would be totally worthless if not for the cinematography of Christopher Faloona. He uses strange camera angles (lots of overhead shots) and employs some cool tricks with the focus. This is the only thing that kept me from rating this movie a 1.My Grade: 2