2009 "Be careful what you wish for."
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Released: 05 February 2009 Released
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When Coraline moves to an old house, she feels bored and neglected by her parents. She finds a hidden door with a bricked up passage. During the night, she crosses the passage and finds a parallel world where everybody has buttons instead of eyes, with caring parents and all her dreams coming true. When the Other Mother invites Coraline to stay in her world forever, the girl refuses and finds that the alternate reality where she is trapped is only a trick to lure her.

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dun-assan I really enjoyed watching the movie, more so detecting the references to famous works like Van Gogh's Starry Night, Alice in Wonderland, and I think resident evil .. I'm not sure, it's either resident evil or an old horror movie. Nevertheless, I really loved it!
Jesper Brun Coraline is one of those movies you just can't deny has something great to it. After a slow start presenting the 11-year old Coraline's family and their relationship to us, the movie takes us all the way to another world in which her family is everything she ever wanted them to be. But something is wrong and she soon finds out. When Coraline enters the other world you'll see the immense amount of artistry that's put into the design of the movie with lots of great designs of both landscapes and character design. A great debut for Laika Entertainment which puts them as a competent player in the stopmotion industry. Worth watching at least once.
mariasangria This movie freaked me out. It scared me to the point that I was mortified for a year. I very much appreciate the animation in the movie, and it might not be as scary to me now, but I wouldn't recommend this movie to extremely young kids.*SPOILER ALERT*And I think by far the scariest part of the movie is that the other mother captures Coraline's mother and father, and also the fact that when a kid comes in and enjoys the world, they wake up in the real world, but when they're afraid of the world, they wake up in the Other World. It was very disturbing and scary that she wanted to harvest the souls of children and eat them.
Mihai Toma A lonely girl by the name of Coraline, mostly ignored by her busy parents, finds a door in a wall which, at night, leads her to another world where she can have everything she wants. Furthermore, all people she knows from the real world have duplicates there, with buttons instead of eyes, which behave flawless when it comes to Coraline. As you would expect, what seems perfect is most likely not to be true, and the young girl is about to discover a dark secret which might affect the rest of her life.It's a dark animation which presents a post-apocalyptical world in which a lonely and unhappy girl is tempted into a dream place which seems to fulfill her every wish. It's beautifully animated, well written, with unique characters and a very interesting plot. Unfortunately, it lacks in terms of action and to my disappointment, it features a highly anticipated and predictable finale which sorts everything out almost out of nowhere and at a blink of an eye. It could have been an extraordinary piece of animation, and partly it is, but falls a bit behind the masterpieces due to its unconvincing and rushed finale but also due to its lack of action.