American Heist

2014 "Brothers in arms for life."
American Heist
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Two brothers, both with troubled paths, find themselves in the middle of one last bank job.

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mymoneypit-21558 Basic, predictable. Usual storyline but not done well. 2 brothers. one with a conscience and compassion, the other lacking these and a chip on his shoulder to boot. Brother falls for girl, brother gets jealous. All the while they are trying to pull off a heist with the basic do or die theme with the usual type of boss (and of course you know who the girl's dad is, of course). All the usual things to go with this old storyline. No real twists or depth or, well, anything. They each are suspicious of the other to double cross each other and both TRY to act like they aren't up to anything, but pretty much fail, just like this movie. Watch if you've run out of options.
Tss5078 It isn't fair and it isn't right, but in the minds of many moviegoers, certain performers will always be associated with their most memorable roles. For me, Hayden Christensen will always be Anakin Skywalker, and it's strange to see him in anything but a Science Fiction film, but that doesn't mean he's not capable of playing anything else, as he shows in American Heist. Christensen plays James Kelly, an man who became an ex-con, for simply looking up to and trying to help his older brother, Frankie (Adrien Brody). As James is getting his life on track, Frankie is being released from prison and is of course looking for one big score. Now, James has to decide what's more important, keeping his new life on track or saving his older brother. Hayden Christensen gives an admirable performance, once you get passed the initial shock of Anakin cursing and covered in tattoos, but it's Adrien Brody who steals the show. Brody isn't an Academy Award winner for nothing, as his character pulls at the heart strings and has you running the gambit of emotions. Everyone knows someone like Frankie and wonders which way they'll turn out. In this case, there is also the added incentive of finding out if he'll drag his brother along with him, either way. American Heist isn't the best film out there, the story has been done, and at times, it's a little dull. This film is more about the characters and their values more than anything else. There's a fair share of language and guns, but unlike many other thrillers, that's not really the focus here, which in the end, is appreciated.
dtzm99 The plot is ridiculous, characters boring. I was expecting a good heist, but no, they had to talk about a toothpaste and the heist lasted for a mere crappy 15 minutes. Very strong indeed.Story-1/10 Every story is a good one. This movie has no story, thus the 1. It said American Heist, I was expecting a movie with the characters carrying out successful heists, even if just one and failing at the end. However, this is not the case. What is a heist movie with a just a fleeting moment of a heist that was so crappy my granny could've carried it out better? American Heist.Soundtrack - 2/10 Nothing noticeable.Character development - 1/10 I must say, the characters were so bland and boring. None of them were captivating at all. The retarded brother was the worst of them all.
LeonLouisRicci You Might Know There's Going to be Trouble When the Director Speaks No English and Attempts a Movie Called "American" Heist. Plenty of Trouble Ahead. Adrien Brody Pulls Out the Acting Chops and Allows Every Mannerism, Tick, and Body Posture to Overwhelm the Melodramatic Dialog About His Family, His Past, and His Hard Time in The Big House.Hayden Christensen hasn't Given a Watchable Performance Since Shattered Glass (2003), where He was Excellent Playing the Real Life Defrocked Journalist Stephen Glass. This is Another in a String of Brooding, One Note Acts, with Little Facial Expression and Not Much Emoting Beyond "Hurting".The Heist Itself is Big on Bullets and Heat (1995) Like Weapons and Rapid Fires. Just Because it was in the Budget, there is an Inner City Helicopter Crash that is Pretty Generic as Far as Inner City Helicopter Crashes Go.The Love Interest and Only Female on Set is Jordana Brewster as a Former Flame Rekindled and She Goes Through the Motions with the Rest of the Non-Descript and Unnecessarily Nasty Black Gang Leaders. Not the Worst Movie Ever and Fans of Brody Might Want to Take a Look at the Oscar Winner Slumming and Unleashed in a B-Movie Mess. Christensen Lost What Fans He May Have Had When He Said Yes to Playing the Dark One. Action Fans are Given a Third Act Shoot 'em Up that is Standard Stuff and Nothing But Familiarly OK.