400 Days

2015 "Time to Kill"
4.4| 1h31m| en| More Info
Released: 29 October 2015 Released
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4 would be astronauts spend 400 days in a land locked space simulator to test the psychological effects of deep space travel but, when something goes terribly wrong and they are forced to leave the simulation, they discover that everything on earth has changed. Is this real or is the simulation on a higher level than they could have ever imagined?

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jonathan-r-francis This movie is a circle of nothingness that ends well thought an ending!! DO NOT WATCH!! Creepy and the movie ends without an ending. POINTLESS!!! Worst movie ever!
wanglo If you can't be bothered to write a movie, then you're not allowed to shoot a movie.
philippsiam This film intrigued me, then it frightened me. Then it confused me. Then it infuriated me. Then I made my peace and came here to share with others the joy of cinema. The wonder and suspense levels of this film are off the charts. What is happening? What will happen next? Is this a memory, a dream, a hallucination, a simulation??? From scene to trippy scene our poor brains are racked trying to figure it out. Maybe that bothers or annoys some viewers, but I live for stimulating films like this. The very ending is troublesome, but I guess that's the final kill shot in this mind destroying psychedelic head trip of a film.
mr-philhenderson I was willing to put up with 89 minutes of the low-budget quality of this 'film' just so I could see what apocalyptic calamity had befallen the earth during the crew's 400 days. In the last minute the director and the rest of the incompetents implicated in this pathetic attempt at storytelling just gave up and left the viewer with a whole lot of nothing when we would have taken almost anything. Nothing endings only work well if crafted by skilled storytellers. Inception had a great nothing ending. For his sake, I hope this director just ran out of money – at least that would be a reason which would compute. You're not being 'cool' 'edgy' or 'neat' by ending it this way. Netflix even got in on the scam by claiming in the description that the crew weren't sure if the 400 day test might actually be real. This was never the illusion they were dealing with. Anyway, I guess I'm the fool for not checking here for reviews first. Fooled me once...