Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

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EP1 Sleepless Princess of the Castle Oct 06, 2020

Princess Syalis is abducted from her home of the Nation of Goodereste by Twilight the Demon King. Despite the horrors lurking in the Demon Castle, all Princess Syalis wants is a good night’s sleep.

EP2 The Princess and Furious Fluff Oct 13, 2020

As Dawner the Hero faces perilous obstacles to rescue Princess Syalis, the princess continues to find creative ways to sleep more comfortably at the Demon Castle.

EP3 The Princess and Forbidden Knowledge Oct 20, 2020

Princess Syalis is on the loose again meddling with forbidden magical items and causing total mayhem for the Demon Castle.

EP4 The Princess, Destruction, and a Short Journey Oct 27, 2020

Fed up with her circumstances at the Demon Castle, Princess Syalis goes to great lengths to add luxuries to her castle prison.

EP5 The Princess and Female Warriors Nov 03, 2020

The female unit, long deployed out in the field, has returned to the Demon Castle to get their first taste of Princess Syalis.

EP6 The Princess’ Unwavering Choice Nov 10, 2020

Dawner the Hero is having more trouble than expected on his journey to the Demon Castle, so the demon higher ups decide to take some action.

EP7 Even More Sleepless Princess of the Castle Nov 17, 2020

Princess Syalis wakes to find herself in a completely different castle! What happened and how will she return to the Demon Castle?

EP8 The Princess and the Frightful Demon Nightmare Nov 24, 2020

Back at the Demon Castle, Princess Syalis interrupts an important meeting to share about her haunted dreams.

EP9 The Princess and Hostage Training Week Dec 01, 2020

It’s time for Princess Syalis to start acting like a proper hostage, so the demon king issues a decree to help change that.

EP10 The Princess in Endopolis Dec 08, 2020

Princes Syalis is determined to get her hands on the latest and greatest sleep product, but it’s only available in the Human Realm.

EP11 The Princess and Troubling Dreams Dec 15, 2020

Princess Syalis feels tired no matter how much sleep she gets, and her troubling dreams aren’t helping.

EP12 Sleeping Princess of the Demon Castle Dec 22, 2020

Despite living as a captive in the Demon Realm, the princess writes a letter to Santa. The letter’s contents shock the demon king.
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Syalis is a princess. A really cute one. When she gets kidnapped by the Demon King as a hostage, she's stuck in a castle full of demons, waiting to be rescued by her knight in shining armor. So what does she do? What any of us would. Take a nap—on a pillow she fashioned from her Teddy Demon guards. Duh.

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