Wild Wild West

1999 "It's a whole new west."
4.9| 1h46m| PG-13| en| Adventure, Action

Legless Southern inventor Dr. Arliss Loveless plans to rekindle the Civil War by assassinating President U.S. Grant. Only two men can stop him: gunfighter James West and master-of-disguise and inventor Artemus Gordon. The two must team up to thwart Loveless' plans.

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  • Wild Wild West Cast
Will Smith as Capt. James West
Kevin Kline as U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon / President Grant
Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss Loveless
Salma Hayek as Rita Escobar
M. Emmet Walsh as Coleman
Ted Levine as General 'Bloodbath' McGrath
Musetta Vander as Munitia
Sofia Eng as Miss Lippenrieder