She's Funny That Way

2015 "The question is, Who is doing Who?"
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On the set of a playwright's new project, a love triangle forms between his wife, her ex-lover, and the call girl-turned-actress cast in the production.

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SnoopyStyle Izzy Finkelstein/Isabella Patterson (Imogen Poots) recounts her story to reporter Judy (Illeana Douglas). It's four years earlier. Family-man director Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson) arrives at his Manhattan hotel and calls for an escort. Vickie (Debi Mazar) sends Isabella over to the hotel. He gives her $30k to get out of sex work to pursue her acting dreams. Jane Claremont (Jennifer Aniston) is Izzy's callous therapist. Next, Izzy shows up at an audition for Arnold's play.Peter Bogdanovich seems to be going for the Woody Allen vibe. Imogen Poots is trying for the Jersey girl hooker with a heart of gold. I can't get over the Brit pushing her accent work. Mira Sorvino was much better in this role. Aniston is playing an inappropriate therapist which borders between trying too hard and the only consistent wacky laughs. She's doing a different movie. The cast is top notch. Overall, the laughs don't come often enough but is enough to keep things interesting.
gillies The point of a screwball comedy is to set up a situation, then have a conflict erupt, and to solve the puzzle and put everything back together in the last 5 minutes at the end. The audience must be taught by the story how the pieces *should* fit back together, so they can start rooting for the ending halfway through the movie. This movie had a very good beginning. It seems like the middle was contrived in a "Luke, I am your father" sort of way, by the author creating way too many familial relationships that are revealed all at once in an Italian restaurant in the middle.Unfortunately, the writers never bothered to write a convincing ending. The never did the legwork to convince the audience that there was a solution, and they completely bailed on the ending and it seems like this movie just ends and nobody really cares how any particular character's life turned out. In fact, the writers bailed out in the first 30 seconds because we know throughout the movie that one person's life turned out great, but everybody else's life - i couldn't tell you what happened to even one other character 5 minutes after the movie finished.This movie quite possiblyh started life as a play. Many famous actors and actresses wanted to appear in this movie. It's a shame that the writers didn't do a better job with the ending.
recgaspar Imoge's accent killed me in this movie, it sounded somewhat Polish, somewhat Russian, anything but American. Raised in Brooklyn?? Yeah, right. The movie wants to be an Allen's comedy, but it's not, it's really not, at all. The music and the situations are a clumsy copy of so many other good movies. Even the main actress is a copy of Scarlet Johansson, well, a wannabe anyway. The movie wanted to be funny and quick, and witty and sexy, but it's so predictable, so not funny, and that accent, oh dear, a total killer. Actors are too forced, so not natural. Couldn't they find another actress who could speak normally? Or couldn't she be bothered with the accent? A total waste of time.
Sabrina I really tried to like this movie. It seems like it would have everything that you would like in a film.I endured more than half of it even though it reminded me of a really bad Woody Allen movie and I loved Woody Allen's 70s films. I was actually really upset at my husband for spending over $1 for renting this piece of crap from the Redox. We could not finish it. I LOVE Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, but this was one of the worst movies I have attempted to watch in the past several years. The time I wasted on trying to like this movie is time that I can never get back. Seriously, watch an episode of Hoarders or Family Feud as they are far better than this movie.