Red Nose Day Actually

2017 "Love Continues"
Red Nose Day Actually
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Released: 24 March 2017 Released
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Fourteen years after the events of the first film, a series of encounters between people in Britain reminds us that in these different times Love, actually exists.

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lilpurpleangel Hilarious, silly even, short sequel to Love Actually. Quick mini updates on most of the main characters. I do believe though, that if I did not have such a great sense of humor, and were I not still a huge fan of the original movie, my rating would not be nearly so high for Love Actually 2.
Duc Hoang Kim I remember the first time watching "Love Actually" was 2011, hiding in the blanket so that my mom could not know that I hadn't sleep in midnight. And this film has changed my life, my point of view about love. It really stays around us, if we know how to feel it.6 years later and I know about "Red nose day, actually". Only with a few starting song, all of my memories flow back (despite the fact that I have saved and watch LA movie over and over and over). I feel like seeing an old friend again. Once and for all. Although being released on a hot summer day, I think it will touch the heart of many people, including me.
studioAT Like other people I was a bit sceptical when this sequel to 'Love Actually', one of the most beloved Christmas films ever, was announced. As much fun as it would be to revisit the characters, it seemed a bit of a gimmick, albeit it one for a good cause.I should have had more faith in writer Richard Curtis though, who manages to pen a great 10 minute sequel, that does more in its short length than I think a 90 minute version could have done.Much like the original film it's warm, it's funny, and it also quite brilliantly pokes fun at the iconic moments from the original film.It was great fun. Well done to all involved.
gavin_vedder Just watch it, and it's a ten minute sequel!! I dare to say that it's a kind of "check in on you"...and actually it's a funny unpretentious short film with a big heart! Maybe it's not a work of art, but it wasn't the point anyway. Red Nose it's a wonderful fund-raising event, cheers up for everyone who contributed for this movie.PS: I just love Lucia Moniz, 14 years after and still lovely as ever.