Oz the Great and Powerful

2013 "In Oz, nothing is what it seems."
6.3| 2h10m| PG| en| More Info
Released: 07 March 2013 Released
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Oscar Diggs, a small-time circus illusionist and con-artist, is whisked from Kansas to the Land of Oz where the inhabitants assume he's the great wizard of prophecy, there to save Oz from the clutches of evil.

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skyfall-33402 Fun, entertain movie, that sets up a sequel, but we most likely won't get one.
invisibleunicornninja This movie is boring and forgettable and not worth talking about. Its not terrible, there's just nothing here.
blahblah-46867 I didn't watch this when it came out because of the so so reviews. And really there is nothing that great about this but it's good for a distracted light watch. The story is for children at core so the overall tone is very light. The visuals are nice but too CGI heavy. The acting is good and Michelle Williams is great and her character is the proper hero and leader. A lot of reviews here complained about Mila Kunis and James Franco. I thought she was fine and he was good as a charismatic conman who does just enough to get by but has a desire for greatness in his heart. I get the criticism about Franco though because his OZ seemed like a man who doesn't have much depth and isn't phased by much. There were some dramatic scenes and they played well but then he'd go back to his smiling, easy going self and at the end he seems like a better person but still a hero of the circumstances. But to me that seemed like of a character and tonal choice. I do wish they'd gone for a darker, scarier tone and a more adult version.
marieltrokan Connect unification to censorship, and the equivalent of the unification being rational is the irrational separation of separation and openness - the irrational separation of separation and interaction.Separation is interaction. The irrational separation of separation and separation is the same the irrational separation of reality and reality - the irrational reality of reality and reality.Reality and reality is unification and unification. Unification and unification is an oversight. The irrational reality of oversight is the rational fantasy of attentiveness - the rational fantasy of professionalism.A rational fantasy, is a fantasy that's real - a fantasy that's critical. Professionalism is also criticism. The rational fantasy of professionalism is the same as a fantasy that's critical of criticism.Fantasy is the absence of rules. The absence of rules which are critical of criticism is an absence of criticism that's critical of criticism.The criticism of criticism is the fantasy of fantasy. A fantasy of the fantasy of fantasy is the fantasy of fantasy which isn't the fantasy of fantasy - a fantasy of the fantasy of fantasy is a fantasy of the rejection of fantasy having no authority. A fantasy of the fantasy of fantasy is the reality of the rejection of fantasy having authority. The central flaw, of Oz the Great and Powerful, is the importance of the importance of no fantasy - the importance of the non-importance of fantasy.The movie's preoccupation is to take status away from the mystical: for starters, the mystical can't possibly have any status, so then why in the hell should Oz the Great and the Powerful presume the right to treat the mystical as something which can be categorized?Giving magic to reality doesn't have to come at the expense of giving reality to magic