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Hyper Sonic
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Released: 22 January 2002 Released
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krs-8 It didn't even take 10 wasted minutes of my life to discover this hideous excuse for a film is less entertaining than watching paint dry. Perhaps to a totally stoned 4th grader it would be marginally interesting but then so would a trail of ants on the floor. No part of this debacle is even close to real or realistic. But I sure would like to get some of those binoculars that let people watch every part of an intercontinental air race. It never ceases to amaze me that movie makers who want to have airplanes in their film only rarely manage to dig up an actual pilot, or engineer or SOMEONE who isn't a total doofus, for technical advise. Another hard to believe fact is that they have the nerve to charge admission to crap like this. Boo, hiss.
task571 This is not a big summer blockbuster with $100's of millions for its budget. However, when I saw this movie at my local video store, I decided to rent it (had nothing better to do on a Saturday night). I put it in the DVD player and was ready to fall asleep on the couch watching it. I was really surprised that I actually found myself getting into it. The CGI is nowhere near Industrial Light and Magic level, but not really that bad. The story is good, the acting was way better than I expected, Yeah it is a low-budget film, but as long as you go in not expecting a highly technical film, I thought this film was fun. I even went as far as to purchase this film. Adam Baldwin's character was good... I really wanted him to die a very horrible and slow death, and you know what they say... If you find yourself hating the villain in the film, then he did a good job as an actor! Rent this movie just for fun, like I did... You just may be surprised like I was...
Enchorde ** HERE BE SPOILERS ** Recap: Transcon with Christopher Bannon (Baldwin) at the helm is the corporation in charge of the Air Races, which is exactly what it sounds like, a race with jet (fighter) planes. During a race Grant Irvine (Sabato Jr) is involved in an accident while refueling. His tanker plane goes up in flamer and his brother Kevin (Sutton) barely makes it out. A few fellow pilots and some spectators are not so fortunate, they are killed. An investigation bans Bannon from arranging Air Races and Grant's license is revoked. Four years later, the ban is lifted and Grant is recruited to work as crew chief aboard the tanker, while his brother Kevin will race...Comments: The entire story is one giant plot hole. It is easy to predict and not in any way consistent. Rules of the race are suddenly made up just to legitimize some twist everyone has seen coming a mile away, even if that rule completely contradicts the earlier story. The geographic errors are huge. In one stage they are supposed to go from Buenos Aires to Paris. When trouble arise the closest airfield is in Sri Lanka! Other stages of the races are (thankfully) ignored completely without even telling the viewer, it is impossible to know where the pilots are. Other long stretches that are shown are dull and boring, while crucial information and development is ignored and just told the viewer through commentary. The jets is never more than 10 feet from each other and frequently bump into each other, mostly without any effect. Even if two jets leave the group and fly a detour through a city they will still be in the lead when rejoining the group. Some stunts the pilots do actually had me thinking of Hot Shots, but while that was a comedy, this is trying to be a realistic action. What I'm trying to say is that the story is mostly boring, incomprehensible and full of obvious errors. In addition all jets are computer generated, and mostly poorly so, even while stationary on the ground. In conclusion, there are no reasons to see this movie, and lots of them to avoid it...2/10
greglosang While an interesting movie, it really seemed unfinished. The sound quality and the editing are of the worst I've ever seen in a professional movie. Sometimes during scene changes the original sound is retained during the cuts so it changes volume as the scene changes. There's one really bad noticeable example of this when Chris (Adam Baldwin) is making an announcement and the first part of the scene shows him from the left side, then it cuts to a close up of his face. The audio is extremely different between the two cuts, yet the scene is supposed to be continuous.Another strange thing about the editing is when they'd "follow" Chris around during the TV broadcasts, but as he would be moving forward, the cuts would be seemly random, from his front, left side, right side, and back. It's hard to explain, but when you watch a person moving forward, the cuts need to progress as if he's moving forward. This movie had him jumping all over the place, it actually gave me a headache.Other times, really noticeable overdubbing takes place where the voice doesn't even match the movements of the actors mouth. The air-show audience reminded me of an infomercial audience; their energy didn't match what is going on at that time, and their audio cuts in and out abruptly with them, when sometimes the audience audio should have continued into the next scene, fading out over time.Also, when the two major disasters took place in the air, the audio didn't mirror the "urgency" of the visual. While a disastrous effect is taking place visual, the sound did not raise volume or create urgency -- it took a few moments to realize something bad was happening, because the sound did not give much audio clue to it. I think this alone caused some of the great emotion that could have been attained in this movie to fall completely flat.And what was with that trailer-trash couple sitting on their couch in the living room that gets cut to during the movie????? My humble opinion is that if you're going to cut to random at-home TV people, at least use a lot of different people so we don't start to think this single at-home TV family is part of the plot.Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a movie with such choppy, sloppy, editing, or such bad sound in my entire life. I was shocked as I watched it that a movie could actually be released when it seems it's not even ready. I liked the story and I liked the actors. It's strange these days to see a movie where the tech is screwed up because normally that's the flawless parts of the movie and it's usually the writing or acting that's bad.This movie could have been 10 times better if it had better sound or editing! Why didn't the producer fire the editors? That's what I want to know!