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After a terrorist with an implanted nuclear detonator gets shot, a team of scientists must defuse the bomb by miniaturizing themselves and going into his bloodstream. His organism's antibodies start to mass against them.

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movieman_kev Disgraiced former-FBI, Richard Gaynes (Lance Henriksen), a year after the government had canned him after a terrorism case went horribly wrong, has to go through the highly experimental gambit of being shrunk down to microscopic size and to join a team of equally diminutive people in order to retrieve a biological bomb that has been embedded inside a terrorist's body before he dies and everything blows up. Gaynes is also assisting the cold fish, Dr. Saverini (Robin Givens), whom he's attracted to for some reason.I wanted to like this film simply on the basis that Lance Henriksen is a favorite actor of mine, and it was serviceable enough until we get to the 'Innerspace' storyline. When Lance set's foot on the ship his character who before had been calm, cool and collected reverts into an awe-struck schoolboy-type that is either constantly asking repetitive questions (especially about 'the whites') or exclaiming how awed he is. Givens is little better as the cold fish with a 'sweet interior', while the other two shipmates are completely and utterly worthless. The film itself lacked any kind of excitement and i found myself getting bored long before the film was over.My Grade: D
EShy I mean, 3.5, really? terrible acting and even worse writing.The screenwriter should have picked up a book about screen writing first. While in their ship, the dialog keeps going back and forth between "it's the first time humans ever did this" lines to "if you think this is bad wait till you see what's next" from the "experienced" people. It's the first time they do it, but they can sleep throughout the mission because they are used to itIn a way, the terrible writing made me feel bad for the actors, it's hard to deliver bad dialog while your depressed that this is the only type of movie you can getthis movie isn't even a bad movie, or A movie
nils-48 For a German viewer, like me, the movie is kind of funny, but for an US American viewer it is an insult, because the producers obviously thought that the typical viewer is stupid anyway:the story is placed in Munich (Germany), however it is not recorded in Munich (would have been too expansive)there is not a single German actor with a real German accent, instead there are all kinds of other accentssometimes the Germans in the movie speak German, but he, with an American accent (I really had to laugh :)the German Police uniforms were completely wrongI am not quite sure on this, but did't the Russian guard, who died in the beginning, show up again in Munich as a German guard Anyway, I stopped watching the movie after 30 minutes.
Hibber This movie is what I like to call the Sunday evening of distraction.Sure its derivative of Fantastic Voyage, or even of the dreadfull Innerspace, but that doesn't prevent it from being a reasonable amount of entertainment.The actors tried to act in the "hard science" atittude that authors like Clarke, Asimov, of Bradbury would deserve, but the script just couldn't hold it.Take this movie for what its worth , a couple of hours distraction, and you won't feel like you have wasted your time.Its an average movie worth an average afternoon when there is nothing but Animal Cop on Animal Planet on tv to watch.